Pokemon Go developer Niantic recently hinted at 'big updates' being planned for the game's future, with fans eager to guess at the nature of these potential changes.

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There's a new Pokemon Go obsession building in popularity and overtaking the traditionally well-loved Shiny Bidoof. A recently declared Shiny Pokemon is stealing the spotlight, with many fans proclaiming the vivid blue Shiny Tyrunt as the ultimate catch, considering it the peak achievement in the game.

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An account of an unexpected success in the popular mobile game Pokemon Go. A player, in their debut shiny Pokemon capture, manages to grab none other than the jokingly revered figure in the gaming community, the Bidoof.

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Pokemon Go players are struggling with a sudden scarcity of 'Revives', leading to frantic searches and increased difficulty in gameplay.

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An account of how Ash Ketchum, the animated hero of the Pokemon series, finally secured his first Pokémon League victory, after many years of captivating struggles and near-misses.

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A detailed look into the creative process and elements behind a unique Ghost Type Pokémon-themed tarot deck.

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Understanding the dangers of over-expectations in gaming forums, specifically focusing on the realm of Pokémon. This article examines the sentiments of players and the importance of keeping a realistic outlook regardless of speculations and rumors.

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Exploring the curious case of Bidoof, the beloved creature in the Pokemon universe, this article discusses its different generations and theorizes about its various forms and intricate details.

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An in-depth review of the recent controversy involving Niantic's decision to remove an Avatar pose from Pokemon Go. This has upset many players who argue that the pose was released due to the developer's mistake and should not have been taken back.

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Appreciating the highlights of the starter Pokémon in the Unova region, their designs, functionality, and unique characteristics.

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An in-depth look at the size comparisons of regional birds in Pokémon. An exploration into the details and variations between the different bird species ranging from the first generation to the latest.

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A comprehensive review of the Pokemon Go game's latest promotion. Despite the growing popularity of the game, the recent promo code has sparked a wave of criticism among its users.

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Recently, various Pokemon Go players expressed their dissatisfaction regarding the Shiny colors employed for the Chansey line during the Chansey Community Day event. This comprehensive article examines their complaints.

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This article discusses the beautiful and imaginative act of fusing the first-generation Pokémon together. The process involves making fusion creations via artistic blending of different Pokémon to create whole new expressions of these beloved characters.

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A journey through deconstructing and reshaping beloved Generation 1 Pokemon creatures into a singular, cohesively amalgamated character. This unique viral trend creatively blends different species' features preserving their characteristics while merging them into one entity.

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Pokemon Go players endeavor to complete their Pokedex by catching, trading, or hatching Pokemon from eggs. In an extraordinary event, one lucky Pokemon Go player stunned the gaming community by hatching a perfect hundo Larvesta, defying almost impossible odds.

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A new contender has emerged in Pokemon Go. The introduction of Shadow Kyogre in the popular mobile game is causing considerable excitement among players. This comprehensive look provides an in-depth understanding of what this powerful new Shadow Pokemon brings to the game and how it might affect the competitive landscape.

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An exploration of paradoxical Pokemon concepts created by enthusiasts, their diverse interpretations, and unique features.

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A discussion on the size of Pokemon universe, the joy of discovering new creatures, and the challenge that a growing Pokedex brings to the gamers.

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In the vast world of Pokemon, certain types have been seemingly neglected and left weaker than others. This article delves into the cries from Pokemon enthusiasts who criticize the lackluster treatment of Bug-type Pokemon, advocating for change.

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An intriguing look at how a corrupted Pokemon Go player's game stirred memories of the MissingNo glitch, a renowned phenomenon from the first generation Pokemon games.

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Discover the intricacies of metal Pokemon card creation! Explore an enthusiast's creative journey from concept to finished product. Uncover the unpredictable twists and turns that make this process as engaging as the card game itself!

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This article explains the distinctive characteristics and abilities that many Pokémon possess. Dive into the world of Pokémon to discover the unique features that make each species special and enhance the excitement of play.

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This article discusses a unique engagement proposal made by a Pokemon enthusiast to their partner. The proposal, done with a custom Poké Ball, serves as a testament to their enduring love for both each other and the Pokémon franchise.

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A delightful exploration of how a mother's hand-crafted Pokémon artwork, based purely on the creatures' descriptions, brings fresh and unique perspectives to this beloved franchise.

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The article provides a detailed look into the upcoming Temporal Forces Pokemon Trading Card Game (TCG) set, a much-awaited release scheduled for early 2024.

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Reviewing some of the most persistent special research tasks in Pokemon Go that have left players with unfinished challenges

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Taking a closer look at a recent playthrough of Pokemon White, the strengths, weaknesses and strategies involved in a successful team are examined.

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A remarkable journey through the announcement of new Pokémon inclusion in the Pokémon Go game. This article looks at the new addition of 185 missing species from different generations to the game's database.

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Unexpected encounters with powerful Pokémon in unusual locations adds to the unique experiences of the Pokémon gaming franchise.

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Explore the intriguing dynamics inside Blueberry Academy, a fictional Pokémon training school shared through online communities. Delve into the thrilling experiences and complex challenges faced by the students and Pokémon within its walls.

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A vivid discourse on the stunning artwork illustrating the tumultuous journey of trainers in the Indigo League of Pokemon.

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This article dives deep into the realm of Pokémon Go AR photo edits. It discusses the creativity, intricacies, and delight that players are discovering and sharing with the world.

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A comprehensive overview of an artist's intrepid attempt at fusing the original 151 Generation 1 Pokemon into a single entity over many days.

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An in-depth exploration of how game mechanics in Pokémon games have evolved over the years, fundamentally changing players' experience and taking it to new heights. This article traces the inception, growth, and transformative shifts in the game mechanics of the Pokémon universe.

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Analyzing the most challenging picks in Pokemon Go's player versus player (PvP) mode. This piece dives into the most annoying choices according to the gamers.

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An in-depth exploration of various Pokémon species, their characteristics and the intriguing aspects of the game Satoshi Tajiri created.

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A content creator for Pokemon known for Nuzlocke runs now unpacks Pokemon TCGs and simultaneously unburdens his Pokemon Go account from the equivalent finds.

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A tale of persistence and luck, a Pokemon Go player beats the odds to capture a 'hundo' Darkrai, a powerful and rare Pokemon, after 118 tireless attempts.

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A fresh take on the classic outfit donned by Misty, one of the iconic characters from the Pokemon series. The article covers a fun adventure into creating a Misty costume, encompassing every detail from gearing up to final presentation.

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Pokémon Unite is set to release its Indigo Disk Add-On Content ahead of Christmas, exciting hard-core and casual gamers alike. Discover the multitude of features this DLC is bringing.

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This article offers a fresh analysis of the Sinnoh region in the Pokemon universe. It delves into different aspects like geography, aesthetics, theme, story, post-game content, and difficulty level to offer a balanced view.

Sinnoh Region in Pokemon: A Reevaluation IMG

A comprehensive tale of the rare shiny Pokemon, their mysterious characteristics, and the joy they bring to gamers worldwide.

The Elusive Shiny Pokemon IMG

Learn about a highly skilled Pokemon player who debunks the myth that training certain Pokemon types makes you an inferior competitor. Discover the consistent strategies employed by this player to stay successful in the world of Pokemon battles.

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This article presents a thoughtful exploration of how the dynamic game design of Pokémon One and Pokémon Two have evolved to allow for repeating gameplay. Moreover, it unravels the innovative system of handling the frequency of player interaction with wild Pokémon, a significant component of the game.

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In the competitive world of Pokemon Go, there are instances of bullying that raise serious concerns among players. The rivalry between players often goes beyond the game's boundaries, leading to a darker side of the gaming community.

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An exploration of the intriguing symbiotic relationship and metamorphosis of the Paras Pokemon due to the harmful effects of Tochukaso; a fungi-like organism.

Ursaluna parasite: Infection confirmed. IMG

Discussion of color selection and application in the character design of popular game from the Pokemon franchise - Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Time, Darkness, and Sky.

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An in-depth analysis of the world of Pokemon beyond Generation 5. This article does not only narrates the unfolding scenario in the world of Pokemon post the 5th generation but also invites the players who had stopped venturing past Gen 5 to reconsider.

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