Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Trainer Defeats 7-Star Mewtwo in Single Hit

A Pokemon Scarlet & Violet trainer has demonstrated an impressive feat by taking down a 7-Star Mewtwo with one hit using a team of four unevolved Pokemon.

One trainer in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet demonstrated an impressive feat by knocking out a 7-Star Mewtwo in just one hit using a team of four unevolved Pokemon.

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet is currently hosting the 7-Star Mewtwo Tera Raid event, which has been highly praised for its difficulty and timely release. With some practice and strategic planning, some trainers have managed to develop interesting strategies to combat this powerful Mewtwo; including one team that astoundingly knocked out Mewtwo using just a Magikarp. Now, another team of four unevolved Pokemon managed to take down the 7-Star Mewtwo in a single hit through some well-planned tactics.

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Overcoming 7-Star Mewtwo with unevolved Pokemon

A trainer by the name Gimikyu_ shared a video titled, “Mewtwo Walled by Literal Children, LC at Best; Four Babies OHKO Mewtwo the Unrivaled.” They explained that they were able to achieve this incredible feat using a team made up of a Cacnea with the ability Sand Veil, a Greavard with Fluffy, a Tinkatink with Mold Breaker, and a Hatenna with Healer.

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Each of the Pokemon were level 100 and had an Eviolite to boost their Defense. This strategy required some stalling and several buffs to strengthen the unevolved Pokemon.

According to Gimikyu_, the team managed to stall Mewtwo for about 50 seconds. During that time, they used Defense Cheer with Cacnea to increase survivability, while the other team members used moves to lower Special Attack.

Next, the team deployed Light Screen, Nuzzle, Sandstorm, Ingrain, and Aromatic Mist on Cacnea. While Mewtwo cleared away its debuffs, the team shifted focus to survival and further strategic setup.

Once Mewtwo’s Special Attack was lowered even more, the main strategy for a one-hit knockout went into effect. Tinkatink utilized Rock Smash to lower Mewtwo’s Defense, and Greavard used Mud-Slap to lower Accuracy, refreshing Sandstorm for Cacnea. Hatenna then spammed Mystical Fire to lower Mewtwo's Special Attack, healing the team when necessary.

Cacnea used Trailblaze three times to charge up its Dark Tera charge and unleash Power Trip. It then used six Growths to raise its Attack stat even more. Tinkatink boosted Cacnea with Helping Hand and an Attack Cheer while Cacnea activated its Dark Tera Charge, using Power Trip to knock out Mewtwo in a single hit as seen in the clip.

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Enthusiasts of Pokemon Scarlet & Violet have until September 17, 2023, to take on the 7-Star Mewtwo, so trainers who wish to challenge themselves with this feat should start preparations.