Rumors of the upcoming addition of a proximity chat feature in Fortnite Creative have left the gaming community divided. This article explores the functionality of the feature and discusses the potential implications it could have on the game mode.

The Possible Introduction of Proximity Chat in Fortnite IMG

A progress glitch in Fortnite is causing issues with players redeeming bonus battle pass rewards. The 1500-word article details the nature of the glitch, reactions from the players, and the impact on their in-game progress.

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Discussing the intent and implications of controversial game design decisions in the popular online game, Fortnite BR. Including both player responses and potential reasons for these choices from the developers' perspective.

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This article discusses the 20-second duration of the 'Away From Keyboard' (AFK) emote feature in Fortnite's lobby. A deep dive that uncovers its impact on players.

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A comprehensive examination of the ongoing tensions between Epic Games and Apple over Fortnite's availability on the iOS App Store.

Epic Games and Apple Clash IMG

Discussing the most recent Fortnite teaser and its potential impact on the overall game narrative and player experience.

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Exploring the reason behind the apparent prominence of Zero Point in Fortnite, and how the virtual-experience leans heavily on this mysterious concept.

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Exploring options if players had the ability to bring back their favorite Fortnite Crew Packs for a month.

Choosing a Fortnite Crew Pack IMG

This article is about the fond recollections of a cherished gaming partner from Fortnite and how it's being missed.

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An opinion piece suggesting that Fortnite would benefit from providing their regular season Battle Pass owners with free access to the so-called 'mini passes' or 'festival passes' during in-game events and festivals. The methodology and reasoning behind this proposal is explored, alongside the potential benefits to both the game's developers and its community.

Suggestion: Free Festival Passes for Regular Season Battle Pass Owners IMG

A deeper look at the calculation of probabilities and chances in the popular game FortNite to attain valuable Virtual Game Items

Sizing Up FortNite Items Rarity IMG

An overview of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Mini Pass for Fortnite, detailing its features, unique dimensions, pop culture context, and speculation about future developments.

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An intriguing exploration of this engaging method in the popular Fortnite Battle Royale, giving players a new perspective on achieving an alternative win without killing opponents.

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An intense recount of a high-stakes battle sequence in the game Fortnite Battle Royale (FortNiteBR), where an unexpected malfunction with the gamepad leads to an improbable victory.

Malfunctioning Gamepad: An Epic Battle Sequence IMG

As Fortnite continues to grow and evolve, some players express regret about the Battle passes they've missed out on. This article takes a deep dive into those regrets and what led to them.

Decoding Player Regrets: Fortnite's Battle Passes IMG

A comprehensive discussion on the current discourse among LEGO Fortnite players regarding the addition of more transportation options and movement features, to make in-game navigation easier and more engaging.

Adding Movement Capabilities in LEGO Fortnite Gaming IMG

An exploration into why the trap slot of Fortnite: Battle Royale is seldomly utilized.

Fortnite's Trap Dilemma IMG

This article aims to help Fortnite players strategize a fool-proof way to defeat opponents equipped with ballistic shields. It details a method of effectively overcoming this hurdle through strategic gameplay.

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This article discusses an issue in Epic Games' popular battle-royale shooter Fortnite, where some items are seemingly inappropriately priced in the in-game store when compared to other items.

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A detailed guide to understanding if Fortnite allows cross-platform playing across PlayStation, Xbox, PC, or Android.

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An exploration of the changes in car prices rarity scale in Fortnite, the impact on player strategies, and the possible implications for future gameplay.

Fortnite car prices adjustment IMG

An in-depth exploration around the concerns regarding the new locker interface in the popular game Fortnite. The article seeks to provide clarity on the topic and suggest possible improvements.

Locker Issues in Fortnite IMG

Changes in the movements within the latest chapter of Fortnite have caused a stir among players. This article will detail the alterations and the community’s responses.

Fortnite's New Chapter Stirs Controversy IMG

A discussion about Fortnite's revolutionary transitions, their implications, and how they continue to shape the game that has garnered a cult following since its inception.

The New Era of Fortnite IMG

An intimate look at the 'Guardians of the Globe' characters in Epic Games’ Fortnite, focusing on their unique avatars, distinguished abilities, and their origins.

'Guardians of the Globe' Cast: A Closer Look IMG

The return of the Drum Shotgun to Fortnite for Season OG has caused some frustration among a section of players, as they arguably accuse it of dampening their overall gaming experience. This article provides an insightful review of the issue.

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A look into the unique approach of playing 'no-build' mode in the popular game Fortnite. The article explores why players opt for this style and its influence on their strategy and gaming experience.

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Delving into the intriguing narrative of how Donald Mustard, the former Chief Creative Officer at Epic Games, once interacted with the rapper, Drake. We account how a series of text messages evolved into a remarkable industry story.

Epic Games Creative Lead Shares Spotify Story with Drake IMG

The popular online game Fortnite is facing criticism from its player base due to a lack of map updates over the past five years. The following article delves into the concerns and offers insight into the potential ramifications on Fortnite's popularity.

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Beloved Halloween movie character, Michael Myers, makes an appearance in Fortnite. The reception, however, is divided, with some questioning the decision to include a serial killer in a children's game.

Fortnite Halloween Brought Serial Killer Michael Myers IMG

This article engages in a discussion about the choice between sprinting and mantling in the popular game Fortnite during its first chapter, analysing the different aspects, advantages, and drawbacks of both options.

Sprint vs Mantle in FortNite, Chapter 1 IMG

Fortnite, the enormously popular online video game, has gone through major interface changes since its advent. However, not all the alterations have had a positive impact; some have made it difficult for the players to navigate and interact within the game.

Fortnite's UI has degraded over time. IMG

The global 2023 Fortnite Championship Series (FNCS) has encountered a controversy that has left the community in a state of uproar. Notably, several professional gamers have been disqualified on the very first day of the tournament, thereby causing quite a stir within the community.

Epic Games in Controversy After Notable Pros Ban in FNCS 2023 IMG

An exploration of the transformation Fortnite has undergone since its inception in 2016, as well as the potential future developments of the game.

Sneak peek at what's to come. IMG

A discussion about Epic Games and the importance of incorporating more Limited-Time Modes (LTMs) in Fortnite, its popular battle royale game.

Hi Epic, players still enjoy LTMs. IMG