Fortnite Chief Donald Mustard Announces Retirement from Epic Games

Donald Mustard, renowned for his significant contributions to Epic Games, is set to retire, leaving behind a legacy in the gaming industry.

Epic Games Bids Farewell to Donald Mustard

Epic Games is to bid goodbye to Donald Mustard, a major force behind the high-quality gaming phenomenon, Fortnite. Mustard has announced his retirement and will be stepping down from his role in the company.

Mustard's Inception

Mustard joined Epic Games in 2008 following the publisher's acquisition of Chair Entertainment which he co-founded. Chair Entertainment rose to fame with its highly successful games, 'Shadow Complex' and 'Infinity Blade'. The studio, known for its high-quality games, went quiet after the release of its last game, a PC and mobile adventure game called 'Battle Breakers', in 2018.

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In his function as the Chief Creative Officer at Epic Games, Mustard played a crucial role in the evolution of the company. It was under his leadership that Fortnite was transformed into a high-quality, lucrative game, leading to greater accomplishments in game storytelling.

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Mustard Resigns

Mustard announced that he would be departing from the ranks of Epic Games, an esteemed pillar in the gaming world, on September 8, after seven years of service as the CCO. He shared the news via a post on his personal Twitter page. Mustard started his message with the words, “After an incredible adventure in gaming innovation, I will be retiring from my role as Chief Creative Officer at Epic this month.”

Reflecting on his time shaping and transforming Fortnite, a gem of a game, into a well-loved staple of the gaming community, he expressed his pride in having had such an opportunity. In the twitter thread that followed his announcement, he received numerous expressions of support and well wishes on his future endeavours.

Commendations from the Gaming Community

Gaming content creator 'DomTheBomb', expressed gratitude and thanked Mustard for his notable contributions, stating that he changed the gaming landscape forever. Another thankful follower expressed a heartfelt thank-you note for Mustard's plentiful contributions to the gaming community stating, 'You will be deeply missed. See you back at the battle bus. Enjoy your time with your family.'

Adding to the chorus of respect and admiration from the gaming community, Fortnite content creator, Immature, expressed his appreciation for Mustard's work and voiced his excitement, along with many gamers, to see what the next chapter would bring for Mustard.

Mustard’s announcement came right at the start of Fortnite’s Chapter 4 Season 4. As of yet, the future prospects for Mustard, beyond his departure from the gaming giant, Epic Games, have not been revealed.

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