Features Players Want in LEGO Fortnite

A discussion on features that players of LEGO Fortnite want added to the game and how Epic Games might respond to these demands.

LEGO Fortnite players are making their voices heard. They have been asking Epic Games to add various features and items that were initially advertised in promotional images and trailers. As of yet, these additions are still to be made in the game.

LEGO Fortnite created quite a stir when it was finally introduced into the game. This new feature helped Fortnite shatter its overall player count records proving its massive popularity.

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Although its popularity has slightly dwindled compared to the main Battle Royale and Ranked mode since its release, the player count for LEGO Fortnite remains significantly strong. This shows that players are still deeply engaged with this new addition.

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However, some LEGO Fortnite players have been left unhappy with the lack of a range of items and features in the game. These were items that were originally previewed in the promotional trailers and images, raising players' expectations.

Now, players of LEGO Fortnite are demanding that Epic Games includes missing items that were advertised. They believe that these items will contribute tremendously to enhancing their gaming experience.

A passionate player of the game asked the question: 'Is anyone else upset we didn’t get half of the things in this picture?' This question highlighted the disappointment of many players about their unmet expectations.

The player also discussed some specific items that were missing from the game, such as paths, windmills, and food stands. The player lamented that these missing items made their village look less fantastic than what was advertised.

Interestingly, players have also pointed out other missing items, such as particular paths, fruit stands, windmills, and a higher amount of villagers available than the 15 max limit, among others. This has caused widespread debate among the players about the current state of the game.

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One player responded by saying, 'These features could and will come to the game. This picture is here to tease you.' Some players agreed and argued that LEGO Fortnite is a 'free' game and that the community needs to be a bit more patient.

However, not all players share the same view. Some are unhappy with the 'free game' argument being used to justify the lack of content. They argue that Epic is a multi-billion dollar company that can afford to invest more into enhancing the game.

As another player put it, 'It's a shame that LEGO Fortnite has started to fall off so hard, the game had such big potential too, but there's just not enough to do with how limiting the game is.'

Nonetheless, it's not all doom and gloom for LEGO Fortnite. Epic Games has announced that they will roll out regular updates to improve the game mode. Some players are hopeful, comparing it to Minecraft which also started small but grew over time.

There's a general agreement that the game mode has potential and can win over more players as it continues to evolve. Patience could be a virtue here for both players and developers as they work together to make LEGO Fortnite a success.