An in-depth look at how online pricing algorithms can be implicated in illegal pricing behaviors, such as price fixing. Legal remedies and proactive measures businesses can take to avoid these pitfalls are discussed.

Algorithm price fixing is still price fixing. IMG

The state of Texas is suing streaming services xHamster and Chaturbate due to alleged child exploitation and profiteering from human trafficking. This article discusses the ongoing legal battle between the Lone Star state and these adult content platforms.

Texas is taking legal action against xHamster and Chaturbate. IMG

The Department of Justice takes aim at Apple's 'green bubble' policy, accusing the tech giant of monopolistic business tactics. The lawsuit targets Apple's iMessage service, specifically its controversial 'distinction' feature that separates iPhone and Android users.

US attorney general is angry about Apple’s green message bubbles. IMG

The Department of Justice (DOJ) has filed a lawsuit against Apple, accusing the tech giant of monopolizing the market through their iPhone. This article presents the details of the lawsuit and the implications it could have on Apple and its consumers.

DOJ files lawsuit against Apple for iPhone monopoly. IMG

Major tech company Dell recently altered its policy, stating remote workers will no longer be eligible for promotions. This article provides a detailed commentary on this significant shift in Dell's employment structure and how it might affect the current remote workforce.

Remote workers at Dell are not eligible for promotions. IMG

This detailed article provides an in-depth look at the proliferation of Ambient Clinical Documentation, its influence at HIMSS 2024, and what it means for the healthcare sector.

Doctors are making money with medical AI. IMG

A deep exploration into the continued operation of Voyager 1, the longest-living spacecraft. Designed to offer a glimpse into the journey and status update of this 70-year-old human-made mechanical marvel that is still sending data back from deep space.

Voyager 1 is communicating clearly now after months of confusion. IMG

Recent changes in Reddit's paid advertising spark conversation, as ads become nearly indistinguishable from regular user posts. The new format may be a hard selling tactic by Reddit or may reflect the social media site's inherent nature of open discussion.

Reddit's new ads are indistinguishable from regular user posts. IMG

Due to a legislative bill passed in Houston Texas, popular adult entertainment website, Pornhub has stopped performing all financial transactions within the state. This in-depth writeup offers a closer look at the situation.

Pornhub stops operations in Texas. IMG

The law enforcement agencies of the United States are grappling with the prosecution of individuals involved in the distribution and creation of Artificial Intelligence-derived child pornography. Prosecutors are calling for a legislative body to define these grey areas and toughen the punishments for such criminal activities.

Police are having trouble charging AI-made child porn. They want Congress to help. IMG

A detailed technical exploration of the remarkable research by the University of California that has engineered genetically-modified cows to produce insulin, thereby potentially offering an efficient and cost-effective method of production.

Transgenic cows make 10X more human insulin. IMG

A detailed exploration into Elon Musk's new era of bot interaction on Twitter. His latest social media experiment, referred to as 'Twitter X', has sparked intense debate and raised questions about the implications and potential issues related to the rampant usage of bots for social activities.

Porn bots have now gained control of Twitter. IMG

U.S Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's perspective on technologies such as deepfakes and the concerning effects of digital fakery on society, coupled with information on her co-introduced legislation, the Defiance Act.

AOC proposes law to fight deepfake porn. IMG

Automakers in Europe are under pressure to reintroduce physical buttons in their vehicle interfaces to achieve high safety scores. The Euro New Car Assessment Programme (NCAP) has revised its scoring criteria, focusing on the ability of drivers to operate vehicle functionality without causing undue distraction.

EU crash tester advises car manufacturers to reintroduce physical controls. IMG

Apple is targeted in a class action lawsuit amid criticism and negative user experience over its iCloud 5GB limit. The tech giant is accused of encouraging a high-priced storage upgrade to keep users satisfied.

Apple faces lawsuit for limiting iCloud storage to 5GB. IMG

A shift in the workplace dynamics, as the AI language model GPT-3 is reported to give better career advice than bosses. The Gen Z employees offer insight into how the chatbot has transformed their professional development and working relationships.

Gen Z workers prefer ChatGPT's career advice over their bosses. IMG

This article explores the impending challenges faced by the internet due to the rise of internet censorship and regulations.

Internet killed by AI  IMG

Rockstar Games, the iconic creator of the 'Grand Theft Auto' Series, recently implimented a policy mandating their employees to return to the office full-time, despite the trend towards a more flexible work arrangement amid the pandemic.

Rockstar Games wants employees back in office full-time. IMG

A detailed exploration of the potential impact of AI on the conventional five-day workweek, and the possibilities for a four-day workweek transition. The article discusses the challenges, advantages, potential societal shifts and the realistic nature of this transition.

AI may lead to a four-day workweek. IMG

Discover the compelling reasons why the switch from Chrome to Firefox is worth considering. Learn about enhanced privacy, improved speed, customization features, and a better user interface.

Switch to Firefox from Chrome for these 10 reasons. IMG

Reddit has confidentially submitted a draft registration statement to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, taking a major leap towards becoming a publicly traded company. The digital space for discussion and community, Reddit also disclosed that it paid its CEO, Steve Huffman, $192.5 million last year, fueling discussions about CEO compensation policies.

Reddit plans to go public and reports $193M CEO pay in 2021. IMG

Tensions rise in Avdiivka, Ukraine, with mounting incidents of conflict and unrest. This piece investigates the situation, highlighting key events, implications, and potential outcomes.

Navalny's wife's account is suspended by X. IMG

An in-depth discussion on the perceived threat to NASA's dominance by China's rapidly-developing space program, including exploration and research efforts, fiscal and policy factors, historical precedents, and the potential impacts in terms of global space leadership.

US worried China will surpass NASA in space exploration. IMG

In a surprising move, the Canadian government has decided to prohibit the sale, ownership, and distribution of a hacking device known as Flipper Zero to combat a dramatic increase in car thefts.

Canada bans Flipper Zero to curb car theft surge. IMG

Notably, Apple has resumed lobbying against 'right-to-repair' bills. The aim is to prevent individual retailers from having the legal right to repair Apple products. Advocates of these bills argue that they symbolize a fight for consumer freedom and against corporate control.

Apple opposes right-to-repair bills again with new lobbying efforts. IMG

Funimation's strategy to deliver additional value through digital copies of their DVD titles is set to change as of April 2, 2024. This article looks into the specifics of the change, the reasons behind it, and what it could mean for consumers.

Sony is deleting everlasting digital libraries. IMG

OpenAI's chatbot, ChatGPT, under the leadership of Sam Altman recently underwent modifications to improve user experience, based on the feedback received from several users.

ChatGPT is now less lazy, says Sam Altman. IMG

Assessing the impact of an aging population on Asia's two largest economies, Japan and China, and dissecting potential remedies. This article explores the long-standing challenges, opportunities and policy implementations to cater to the evolving demographic landscape.

Reddit picks NYSE for delayed IPO. IMG

A United States Judge has declared that Tesla CEO, Elon Musk's monumental compensation package is excessive. This verdict opens up the possibility for shareholders to pursue a lawsuit against the electric car manufacturer's board.

Judge rules Elon Musk's $56bn Tesla pay package is excessive. IMG

IBM introduces a new policy requiring top-level management to live near company offices or leave, a shift from the popular remote working trend ushered due to the pandemic. What could this mean for the future of remote working?

IBM tells managers: Relocate or resign! IMG

Intriguing details recently leaked about the significant upgrade to Google and Samsung Android functionalities through AI technology advances, reportedly open to all users for free.

Google update: AI to scan private messages. IMG

HP CEO Enrique Lores reveals during CES, that the company's practice of blocking third-party ink from use in their printers is a precautionary measure against computer viruses. This missive follows HP’s recent decision to block certain refillable third-party ink cartridges, which provoked intense criticism.

HP CEO plans to hack via ink cartridges to make printing a subscription service. IMG

The US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) accuses Intuit's operation, TurboTax, due to its misleading promotion of their free income-tax filing services. This piece provides an detailed view of the case and highlights its impact on consumers and the insurance business. It discusses the issues, controversies and subsequent developments in detail.

FTC: TurboTax cannot advertise ‘free’ services, it's misleading. IMG

A recent assertion proposes that a massive solar storm, known as coronal mass ejection (CME), is on its way towards Earth. This article discusses the implications of such phenomena on Earth’s technologies such as radio communication and GPS as well as ways to mitigate this prospect.

Solar storm will impact Earth today, causing disruptions in GPS and radio. IMG

This article dives into the latest trend of Generation Z individuals shying away from the tradition of obtaining a driving license, exploring the reasons behind this shift, and its implications on societal norms.

Gen Z opts out of driving. IMG

In-depth overview of the fresh developments in Google as outlined by CEO Sundar Pichai in an exclusive internal memo. The report investigates potential lay-offs among the tech giant's enthusiastic workforce.

Google CEO: More job cuts coming this year. IMG

JPMorgan Chase, one of the leading multinational investment banks in the world, faces an astonishing 45 billion cyberattacks each day. This article delves into the details of these numerous daily threats and the firm's measures to counteract them.

JPMorgan Chase stops 45B hacking attempts daily. IMG

An increasing number of Beeper app users report encountering issues with Apple's iMessage on their Mac computers. Beeper aims to unify chat offerings from different platforms, but it appears iMessage compatibility might no longer be a feature for those accessing the service on Macs.

Apple blocks iMessage on Macs, say Beeper users. IMG

A comprehensive analysis highlighting the increase in visits to digital piracy websites by 12% in the last four years, including possible causes and implications.

Piracy website visits rose 12% in 4 years. IMG

A detailed discussion on the recent consequences that ad-blockers bring to YouTube users in terms of decreased loading speeds and the technological reasons behind it.

YouTube is still slow for ad block users. IMG

Advancements in technology have led to the development of tiny nuclear diamond batteries, which could potentially power smartphones for up to 50 years. Exploring the science and implications of this innovation can provide insight into our future energy options.

A small radioactive battery can power your phone for 50 years. IMG

Honda, a globally acclaimed automaker, steps forward with a fresh lineup of all-electric vehicles. The article unfurls this strategic industry shift amidst growing concerns over climate change.

Honda unveils its latest electric cars, the Honda 0. IMG

Elon Musk's SpaceX enters a legal scuffle with the National Labor Relations Board over allegations of unlawfully terminating employees involved in labor activities. This article explores the details of this impending case.

SpaceX sues US labor board for firing workers. IMG

This piece articulates the recent data breach at 23andMe, bringing forth the concept, implications, and their somewhat controversial response of attributing blame onto its users.

23andMe blames victims for data breach. IMG

Sam Bankman-Fried, will not face a second trial, US prosecutors announced. Prosecutors concluded that the benefits of a retrial did not outweigh the efforts required.

No second trial for Sam Bankman-Fried. IMG

In the ongoing legal battle, Apple secured a victory as an U.S Appeals Court has agreed to halt a previously imposed ban on the importation of certain iPhone models and Apple Watch. This comes amidst legal disputes and patent infringement claims by rival tech giant, Masimo Corp.

Apple succeeds in pausing ban on Apple Watch at US appeals court. IMG

The tech industry is watching closely as Japan increases regulatory pressure on Apple to allow sideloading on iOS. This article explores the potential future implications for Apple’s business strategy, privacy, security, and the broader tech ecosystem.

Japan to enforce rule, mandating Apple to permit sideloading. IMG

New York Times has filed a lawsuit against tech companies Microsoft and OpenAI. This article discusses the details and implications of this lawsuit, exploring themes of ethical AI development, fair use policy, and the shifting landscape of journalism in the face of technological advancements.

NY Times sues OpenAI & Microsoft for copyright theft. IMG

NVIDIA CEO's recent declarations about the five-year race between artificial intelligence and human intelligence hint at the groundbreaking potential of AI. This detailed discussion explores the future expectations for artificial technologies, the implications for industries, and the societal impacts this predicts.

Nvidia CEO predicts AI will rival human intelligence within five years. IMG

A deep dive into the latest developments in the electric vehicle (EV) market shows that Tesla, established and renowned EV manufacturer, is finding fierce competition in the form of a China-based automobile company, BYD. While Tesla was a key player in the initial global shift towards EVs, the scales are starting to tip in favor of BYD in terms of rapid market expansion on both domestic and global fronts.

Chinese car company surpasses Tesla as the leading manufacturer of electric vehicles globally. IMG

In an effort to boost its global chip supply chain, Intel has been granted a $3.2 billion incentive from the Israeli government to set up a new manufacturing facility in the country. The new development comes with a promise of massive employment opportunities and a potential rise in the overall Israeli economy.

Intel receives $3.2B from Israel for a $25B chip factory. IMG

An exploration of the first mind's controlled by GEN AI that will inhabit video games. This shifts the gaming industry into a remarkable new era, creating groundbreaking interactions with artificial beings.

AI will soon control minds in video games. IMG

A thoughtful examination of the importance, impact, and evolving role of opinion columns in the digital landscape, with a focus on the world of technology.

Do you own any digital belongings? IMG

A detailed description of a recent legal judgment where Twitter was found guilty of breaching a contract that resulted in the withholding of millions of dollars in bonuses from its employees. This piece takes a closer look at the circumstances leading to the decision and its implications.

US judge: Twitter broke contract by not paying millions in bonuses. IMG

Hyperloop One, the futuristic transportation company linked to Elon Musk, has unexpectedly announced the termination of its operations.

Hyperloop is officially dead now. IMG

Tesla Inc. is voluntarily recalling millions of vehicles due to a firmware update causing a malfunction in the steer-by-wire system. The malfunction has led to reported problems with the Autopilot self-driving system and steering wheel controls. Learn about the implications of this recall and the steps Tesla has taken to mitigate the issue.

Tesla recalls 2 million cars, but the fix might not solve the problem. IMG

A refined exploration into the revolutionary new tool in VR Gaming that could take user interaction to a new level: Tongue Tracking. This development by Quest Pro highlights futuristic leaps in technological advancements, and how this innovation could shape the future of virtual reality.

Quest Pro now includes tongue tracking capabilities. IMG

The recent photo from James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) has provided a stunning view of the gleaming rings surrounding Uranus. The new image fosters an exciting opportunity for studying the planet's atmosphere and ring system while also revealing details about the temperature and chemical composition.

Uranus' rings shine in amazing JWST image. IMG

The news about Adobe Systems Incorporated retracting from its planned acquisition of Figma, a browser-based vector graphic editor. This termination paved the way for Adobe to pay a hefty termination penalty.

Adobe drops $20B Figma deal. IMG

The article exhaustively discusses the exploration of a serious bug, the Flipper Zero Bug that has been shutting down iPhones across the globe. It delves into the identification, understanding, attempts to resolve, and finally, the successful fix by tech giant Apple.

Apple disables Flipper Zero's ability to turn off iPhones. IMG

Twitch, a popular live streaming platform, updates its policies on sexual content. Its objective is to adopt a more comprehensive approach that balances the interests of different communities with the need to maintain a safe platform. Critics hailed the long-awaited policy change as a step toward clearer direction for Twitch's content creators.

Twitch lifts nudity ban for fair treatment after banning female streamers more often. IMG

The unexpected withdrawal of 'Team Vicki Soto' from Patreon, a crowdfunding platform, which came days after controversial radio personality Alex Jones was reinstated on the same platform, has caused a stir in the online community. This prolonged article takes a deep dive into the event, offering a meticulous understanding of the incident.

Vicki Soto's team departs X days after Alex Jones comes back. IMG

General Motors (GM) is taking reasonable steps to ensure the safety of its customers. Removing smartphone mirroring apps like Apple CarPlay and Android Auto from vehicles to reduce distraction-related accidents is now a part of its plan!

GM dumps Apple CarPlay and Android Auto for safety reasons. IMG

The United States prepares to take on climate change by making a significant investment into high-speed train networks. This article delves into the importance of this move.

US to fund fast train to combat climate change. IMG

The recently passed US House anti-EV bill faces an impending veto from the White House, demonstrating conflict on the path towards a sustainable transport future. This detailed piece delves into the controversies and potential ramifications.

White House may reject US House's anti-EV bill. IMG

The cable companies are imploring the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) not to inspect their pricing structures too closely. While proposing fresh transparency rules, the FCC is faced with opposition from National Cable & Telecommunications Association (NCTA).

Cable lobby asks FCC not to scrutinize our prices. IMG

A thorough elaboration on Walmart's announcement that it will not be advertising on social media platforms past 2023. This monumental decision's implications and possible rationales are examined.

Walmart isn't promoting on social platform X. IMG

In a landmark deal, the Blackstone Group acquires Rover, a leading creator of pet care apps, for a staggering $1.35 billion. This move represents a significant step forward for Rover, as it signifies a major vote of confidence in the growing pet care application space.

Blackstone buys Rover, a pet care app, in a $2.3B cash deal. IMG

Recent studies have shown the ability of artificial intelligence to decode 5000-year-old tablets. The process and potential implications are discussed in detail in this piece.

AI decodes 5000-year-old tablets: new research. IMG

Social media platform X may face drastic financial consequences following a series of antisemitic posts. This article details the potential impact on X's ad revenue and its efforts to manage the situation, whilst providing insight into the broader repercussions within the tech, advertising, and social spheres.

Big brands losing $75M as they drop X due to antisemitism, says report. IMG

Google's upcoming policy change will see unused Gmail and Google Photos content deleted after a certain period of inactivity. A detailed exploration inside the decision, its possible implications and how users are reacting.

Google is deleting old Gmail and photos next week. IMG

A deep dive into the upheaval at OpenAI with the abrupt firing of Sam Altman and the subsequent resignation of Greg Brockman. We explore the potential reasons for these changes and the impact they may have on the organization and the AI industry.

Greg Brockman leaves OpenAI after Sam Altman's sudden dismissal. IMG

Large broadband internet providers are calling on the FCC to refrain from investigating their price points. They believe the commission has exceeded its authority by probing into matters that influence their business decisions. This article looks at this ongoing debate.

Internet providers oppose FCC probing broadband prices. IMG

The renowned Las Vegas Sphere is facing significant financial setbacks reaching up to $984 million, along with the CFO's resignation.

Las Vegas loses $98M, CFO resigns. IMG

Join us as we delve into Google’s recent announcement, stating their intentions to delete millions of Gmail accounts this December. We break down why this is happening, who it will impact, and what you can do to prevent your account from being one of those culled.

Google will remove many Gmail accounts in December. IMG

In a contentious move, Italian tax officials have seized €800 million owned by Airbnb over potential tax liabilities, with widespread implications for the company and future taxation policy. This report provides an in-depth account of the event's proceedings, policies involved, and speculation over future implications.

Italy may take over $800 million from Airbnb for unpaid taxes. IMG

Analysis of the profound effect of Adobe's artificial intelligence technology in image verification and its role in combating the spread of fake news, particularly with respect to the Israel-Gaza conflict.

Adobe sells fake AI images of the Israel-Hamas war. IMG

Joel Dignam, creator of Shit Rentals, introduces a new tool for tenants: a strategically programmed database that allows renting individuals access to crucial information pertaining to living arrangements.

Shit Rentals guy creates free database for tenants. IMG

DoorDash finds itself in hot water over allegations of delayed delivery for customers who do not leave tip. The article discusses this controversial practice, highlighting various arguments and perspectives on the issue.

DoorDash reminds customers to tip to keep food warm. IMG

A detailed perspective on Fidelity's substantial investment in Twitter, its value in comparison with Elon Musk's wealth and its implications in the tech industry.

Fidelity cut X's value by 65%. IMG

This article dives into the field of technology and aeronautics, exploring the advancements made by Beta Technologies in developing an innovative aircraft model. The aircraft emphasizes efficiency in energy consumption and reducing carbon emissions. It represents the future of electric aircraft and their potential for revolutionizing both commercial and military air travel.

The electric plane has completed its 2,000-mile journey and is now undergoing Air Force tests IMG

A detailed discussion on the political and infrastructural challenges that have led to a massive internet blackout in Gaza, highlighting the role of both Israel and the Palestinian Authority.

Gaza's internet is now gone IMG

A detailed survey on recent successful tech trends and how startups have influenced these tendencies. We also discuss startup fundraising dynamics, and look into the future of data privacy.

Tech layoffs return fiercely. | TechCrunch IMG

A discussion on the unusual placement and function of Tesla Cybertruck's brake lights that deviates from the norm. Does it affect the vehicle's legality on roads?

Tesla Cybertruck's brake lights confuse. IMG

In a massive data violation, the DNA testing service 23andMe experienced a leak, including sensitive data about Ashkenazi Jews. The breach poses potential privacy concerns and anxieties about genetic discrimination.

Ashkenazi Jewish data leaked online from 23andMe users. IMG

Slack and Twitter have announced revisions to their integration, prompting a shift in their API policy. Changes also involve pricing updates, which are discussed in detail.

Slack drops X integration. IMG

Explore the latest changes in the Slack-Twitter integration, the retirement of API pricing, and the potential effects on users.

Slack removes X integration. IMG

Tired of monopolistic practices, the city of Cleveland has taken an ambitious step towards offering inexpensive broadband to all its residents. By launching a citywide broadband initiative, the municipality hopes to provide a practical and cheap solution for its citizens.

Cleveland fights monopolies, offers affordable broadband citywide. IMG

A detailed analysis on how cyber crimes have escalated during the telework period imposed by the Covid-19 era. The discourse includes insights given by the FBI, highlights on the aftermath of these cyber attacks, and measures individuals and organizations can take to bolster security.

FBI: US IT workers sent millions to N. Korea for missile program, secretly. IMG

A look into X's decision to start testing a new system that could see new users being charged a dollar to tweet and retweet. This significant shift may lead to crucial changes in the social media platform landscape.

X charges $1 for new users to tweet or retweet. IMG

The cryptocurrency world has not been without its fair share of complexities. When users find themselves in tight situations, it is not uncommon to reach out for help, even via unconventional channels. This advent of assistance from digital 911 responders is being explored.

Jimmy Zhong's secret life: He stole and lost over $3 billion. IMG

Netflix appears to be considering an increase in subscription rates along with a focus on limiting account sharing, subsequently transforming its business operations. Taking this step after succeeding in limiting password sharing, Netflix aims to boost revenue and subscriber growth, a decision largely driven by market competition amidst ambitious global expansion's expenses.

Netflix's prices might go up following their effort to crack down on password-sharing due to increased success. IMG

Apple Inc. is reportedly working on a system that will enable iPhones to be updated with the latest software even while they are still in their boxes. This article delves into the innovative strategy and the potential benefits for consumers and Apple itself.

Report claims Apple can update iPhones before they're unpacked. IMG

The production halt of Ford's popular F-150 Lightning due to semiconductor chip shortages is forcing the company to lay off employees. This article delves into the series of events leading up to the unfortunate decision, and the potential impact it might have on the global automobile industry.

Ford fires 700 workers constructing electric F-150. IMG