Tesla Cybertruck's actual range falls short of the advertised range by over 20%, as revealed in a recent YouTube test.

A closer look at Tesla's Cybertruck mileage claims which fell short of the advertised range, eliciting diverse reactions from industry watchers and customers.


Tesla, one of the leading electric car manufacturers in the world, has long been at the forefront of pushing for sustainable clean energy. The company, led by tech entrepreneur Elon Musk, has continually prided itself on innovative designs and advanced technology. This has endeared the brand to many while also focusing spotlight on its offerings.

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One such product that has drawn attention is Tesla's Cybertruck. Unveiled with pomp and bravado, the Cybertruck's unconventional design was a head-turner. Its unique features presented a fresh disruption in the automobile industry.

Tesla Cybertruck

However, recent revelations have stirred a wave of discussion. At the heart of this debate is the performance of Cybertruck in actuality against Tesla's advertised claims. Specifically, the electric vehicle's range falls below the touted figures, causing ripples in the electric vehicle community.

Cybertruck's Mileage Claims

The manufacturer initially advertised that the Cybertruck would achieve an impressive range on a single charge. This figure was very inviting, given the vehicle's size and build. A powerhouse on wheels was essentially what Tesla promised its customers.

However, independent tests are now showing that the Cybertruck only achieves approximately 80% of the advertised range. This significant shortfall has raised concerns among prospective customers and industry pundits. The depth and breadth of the range underperformance is causing apprehension.

For many potential buyers, the advertised range can be a critical deciding factor. A significant deficit not only dents customer confidence but also raises questions about the overall quality and reliability of the vehicle.

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With the range falling short of expectations, diverse reactions have ensued. The shortfall in mileage can have consequential impacts on adoption and uptake of Cybertruck. A considerable number of potential buyers might reconsider their decisions. In the competitive electric vehicle market, every failure can be a roadblock to success.

Additionally, the range deficit might cast a pall on Tesla's reputation. The manufacturer's credibility could suffer, especially if suspicions of exaggerated claims gain traction. Tesla has already faced criticisms in the past for over ambitious targets and schedules.

This current development will likely put more pressure on the electric vehicle manufacturer. It offers ammunition to skeptics who often downplay the viability of electric vehicles, citing the issue of range limitations.

Reaction from Tesla

Tesla has yet to formally respond to these assertions about the Cybertruck's mileage. Given the extent of the company's investment and faith in the truck, the response when it comes will undoubtedly be looked at very closely.

A well-crafted response can salvage the situation and assure customers of Tesla's commitment to quality and performance. Tesla may need to explain the reasons for the lower range and lay out plans for addressing the issue.

At the center of resolution could be potential design adjustments or component modifications that enhance the distance the Cybertruck can cover on a single charge. Whatever Tesla's plan, there's a clear need to address this gap swiftly and transparently.


Overall, the issue of Tesla's Cybertruck not achieving its advertised range presents a fresh set of challenges for the electric vehicle manufacturer. While Tesla has broken barriers and blazed trails in the electric vehicle space, this apparent performance deficit cannot be overlooked or taken lightly.

In the grand scheme of things, it's crucial to remember that every automobile manufacturer encounters challenges. Tesla's ability to navigate this hiccup effectively will be the true test of its standing as a leader in the industry.

As with any other company, Tesla's consumers expect and deserve a product that meets or exceeds advertised specifications. It remains to be seen how Tesla will address the range issue to restore faith in its Cybertruck model among its customers.

Solving the range issue can still steer Cybertruck back to its destined path of revolutionizing the electric heavy-duty vehicle segment. It requires, however, an earnest listening to feedback, quick response, and tangible actions. As Tesla navigates these waters, close attention will understandably be on its next moves.