ESL and FACEIT Unveil Innovative Fortnite Esports Circuit

ESL's collaboration with FACEIT has led to the creation of a new esports circuit for Fortnite, introducing team-based competitive action unlike anything seen before in Fortnite esports.

Blizzard Games Re-Entering China's Market

Blizzard has renewed its publishing deal with NetEase, signifying the return of Blizzard's popular gaming titles to China. This article provides more information about the details and implications of the new agreement.

Exciting Updates Teased for Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go developer Niantic recently hinted at 'big updates' being planned for the game's future, with fans eager to guess at the nature of these potential changes.

Second Season of League of Legends Show Promises Emotional Devastation

Voice actor for Jinx, Ella Purnell, hints at a devastating end to the second season of the successful League of Legends show, Arcane.

Rumors of the upcoming addition of a proximity chat feature in Fortnite Creative have left the gaming community divided. This article explores the functionality of the feature and discusses the potential implications it could have on the game mode.

The Possible Introduction of Proximity Chat in FortniteCard Image Alt)

A heartwarming account from the childhood of Baldur's Gate 3's character, Wyll, has earned him an endearing place in the hearts of players. The story echos his innocent pursuit of mermaids and reveals more warm aspects of his character.

Cherished Tale from Wyll's Past in Baldur’s Gate 3Card Image Alt)