Fortnite Easter Egg in Invincible Season 2 Finale

This article discusses the Fortnite easter egg found by fans in the finale of Invincible Season 2. The crossover between the worlds is also explained.

The final episode of Invincible Season 2 that recently aired on Amazon Prime Video, came with quite a few surprise elements and hidden gems for the fans. One notable instance that caught the fans' attention was a crossover between the worlds as seen through the battle featuring the main character, Mark, and Angstrom Levy.

What made the crossover particularly interesting was that it involved Mark entering an alternate dimension and coming back armed with a weapon from the popular game, Fortnite. The weapon in question was a Dragon’s Breath Sniper, which was used by Mark, not as a gun but as a bat, to smack Levy square in the face.

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This unexpected crossover and the use of a Fortnite weapon in 'Invincible' were quick to stir a frenzy among viewers. They took to social media to express their excitement and amusement. The fact that a Fortnite weapon was incorporated into the storyline of Invincible was intriguing to many.

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Another peculiar detail that some fans picked up on was how the Dragon’s Breath Sniper was depicted in the animation. Instead of creating a fresh sketch of the weapon, the show blended it into its own animation style. This raised questions among fans about the nature and extent of the collaboration between Fortnite and Invincible.

Quite a few comical reactions were posted by fans, expressing their surprise and appreciation of the unexpected crossover. One viewer humorously pointed out, 'Mark just hit this man with a Fortnite headshot'. Some even wondered whether the sniper rifle would transform into a pickaxe, a common tool in Fortnite game.

Following this unexpected use of a Fortnite weapon in the Invincible series, fans speculated if this was a teaser for a possible Fortnite related development within the series, or vice versa. There's a potential for the sniper to become a new pickaxe in Fortnite, one of the most staple tools in the game.

What further fuels this speculation is the fact that Invincible-themed cosmetics have returned to the Fortnite Item Shop. Fans of both the show and the game can now purchase skins and special items related to Invincible characters such as Atom Eve and Omni-Man with V-Bucks, the in-game currency in Fortnite.

Adding to the excitement, there are also two United Earth Forces Network (UEFN) maps within the Fortnite game features voices and cinematic scenes from Invincible characters. Players can team up with the characters to take down common foes, including Doc Seismic, a significant antagonist in the Invincible series.

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This discovery opened up a great deal of excitement amongst the fans. The collaboration between Fortnite, the globally acclaimed game, and Invincible, the popular animated series, has indeed been acknowledged as canon.

The creative integration of elements from both Fortnite and Invincible into each other's platforms has led to an increased anticipation amongst the fans for more such collaborations.

The creators have set a precedent this season, and fans now look forward to a second wave of crossover. This could manifest either in the Fortnite game itself or in the following seasons of Invincible. It remains to be seen.

The fan reactions highlight the potential of merging the worlds of video games and series. An integration like this can not only boost viewer or player engagement but also pave the way for creative storytelling techniques.

Keeping the popularity of these two entertainment giants in mind, such a crossover can also mean expanding fanbases and reaching out to newer audiences.

The surprising crossover has indeed rejuvenated the excitement for both Fortnite and Invincible fans. A unique element added to the narrative, this crossover has indeed broken conventional modes of storytelling.

The scope of such collaborations is now a thrill for the fans and even the creators to explore. The blending of two different entertainment worlds is a clear sign of the endless possible integrations in the future.

As we wait for more exciting collaborations and integrations, this surprise hidden gem has indeed sent a wave of enthusiasm among fans. The excitement for the upcoming seasons of Invincible and newer chapters of Fortnite is palpable.

Whether it’s a Fortnite weapon appearing in an episode of Invincible, or Invincible-themed items in the Fortnite inventory, the thought-out correlations have proven to be a hit amongst the fans. It's safe to say, further collaborations are keenly awaited.