Fortnite's New Chapter Stirs Controversy

Changes in the movements within the latest chapter of Fortnite have caused a stir among players. This article will detail the alterations and the community’s responses.

Reacting to recent changes in Fortnite, the producer feedback has been mixed. The recent introduction of new mobility options in the latest installment of Fortnite wasn't warmly received by many users. The creators of the game have shared their thoughts and responses to these criticisms.

The past few weeks have seen Fortnite’s Season OG shattering previous records, with an unprecedented number of concurrent players. This climaxed with an in-game concert event featuring none other than rapper Eminem, alongside the unveiling of new game modes and leading up to the launch of the fifth chapter.

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Chapter 5, Season 1 of Fortnite ushered in several notable additions, especially in terms of weapon modifications and the introduction of promising crossovers. Especially noteworthy are the crucial changes in movement mechanisms with the addition of wall running and the resurrection of hurdling, once a previously abandoned feature.


These adjustments were not universally well-received though. The newest movement alterations created an uproar and led to widespread backlash from the gaming community. Fortnite's developers at Epic Games have ventured to address these criticisms.

A major critique from players focused on how the changes in movement felt in the game. They expressed discontentment, describing the addition as 'janky.' Some of these uncomfortable feelings are thought to be due to many of the in-game animations that were upgraded in Chapter 5.

While these changes were visually appealing, many players felt the actual gameplay was negatively affected. A comparison between the crouch speeds before and after the update revealed a substantial decrease, by at least 43%, in speed this season.

The significant decrease in movement speed, understandably, led to widespread backlash from players. The development team, noticing the increasing frustration from the player base, responded with a note. They explained that their aim was to encourage more strategic decision making and introduce visual improvements in the game.

Epic Games posted this message related to the movement changes. The tweet detailed how they intended the new mechanism to encourage more strategic decision-making processes, while also introducing visual improvements, although they admitted adjustment took a while for even them.

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Players felt a greater sense of appreciation after the developers had swiftly communicated their intentions. Well-known leakers of the game expressed their contentment, praising the developers for their clear communication about the changes.

However, such praises did not quell the uproar from users who remained dissatisfied with the changes. Some players voiced their frustration openly, demanding to revert the movement alterations.

The development team concluded their note with an encouragement for players to consider the updates and assuring them that it'd feel natural over time. They hinted that there are no plans to reverse the changes, but the future workings of Fortnite's movement mechanism remain unpredictable.