New Skins Announced for League of Legends 2024 Ranked Season

Announcement of two new Victorious skin rewards unveiled for League of Legends ranked 2024 season. The chosen characters are ADC Kog’Maw and support Sona, to be released in Splits 1 and 2 respectively.

In continuing their tradition of annual releases, the creators behind League of Legends have unveiled two new Victorious skins that would serve as ranked rewards come 2024. Notably, these skins are to be received by ADC Kog’Maw and support Sona, indicating an acknowledgment of their popularity among the player base.

The introduction of these new skins is based on the ranked gameplay habits in the coming year. Precisely, the Victorious skins will be handed out to Kog’Maw and Sona in Split 1 and Split 2 respectively. Players who display high energy and dedication in gathering a certain point count in each split will be the proud owners of these skins.

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Ranging back several years, Victorious skins have consistently been an integral part of the prestigious list of honors League of Legends awards its top performers with. With these skins being exclusive to the season they are awarded in, they are perceived as coveted trophies in the gaming community.

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Each year, as the release of these skins approach, they generate a lot of speculation and excitement. Their exclusive availability during their respective seasons further adds to this fervor, making them a highly sought-after reward for players around the globe.

In light of a recently released video developer blog, we were fortunate enough to get a sneak peek into some of the rewards that the 2024 season has to offer. Among these are the Kog’Maw skin and the other highly anticipated Sona skin.

Interestingly enough, this glimpse into the future of gaming was offered at a very specific point in the video. As indicated at timestamp 5:26, the developers behind League of Legends have gone public with the identities of the next two champions lucky enough to get their own skins.

Focusing on aesthetics, the developers have decided to bring out Kog’Maw in a mystical light. Besides equipping him with an extra eye, they have also chosen a color scheme that stays true to the Victorious look.

As for Sona, the details surrounding her skin remain unknown. The skin is planned to be released later in the year and its work is likely still in progress, hinting at the great lengths the developers are going to in order to maintain its novelty.

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For those who are looking forward to getting their hands on the Victorious skin for Kog’Maw, they should keep an eye out for the end of Ranked Split 1 of 2024. The event is rumored to come to a closure during May, leaving players with over a month to farm the remaining points required.

The criteria essential for players to own these skins aren't very complex. However, it is worth mentioning that Gold and above players will have a less daunting task at hand, needing to earn significantly less than others.

Undoubtedly, the exclusivity of these skins adds a touch of glamour to them. As they become inaccessible once their respective season ends, they walk the fine line between being in circulation and becoming a legend, hooking players from the start.

The genius behind the creation of these skins lies in the fact that they succeed in rewarding the players who invest a considerable amount of time and energy into climbing up the ranked ladder. This inherent system of acknowledgement and rewards validates the players' efforts and gives them something to look forward to.

In conclusion, it's always exciting to anticipate the arrival of new Victorious skins. These skins don't just serve as rewards, they mark the deserving players' victories. As the player base continues to grow, so does the anticipation for what the developers will reveal next.

As the 2024 Ranked Season of League of Legends approaches, players should prepare themselves to add new skins to their collection. Let the race for the victorious skins begin and may the best player win. With that, the thrilling journey of playing, winning, and collecting unique skins continues.

Fasten your seatbelts, summoners. The new Victorious skins are about to take the realm of League of Legends by storm. Best of luck to everyone competing in the 2024 season. Ready. Set. Play!