A Player Unearthed a Unique NPC in Starfield After 600 Hours

An intriguing discovery of an elusive NPC character in Starfield has stirred up envy among the gaming community.

The distinctive universe and vast galaxy of Starfield offers remarkable opportunities for exploration and discovery. Packed with a plethora of random encounters, the game keeps unveiling new surprises, ensuring players are never short of exhilarating experiences.

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One such event that has recently caught the gaming community's attention involves a Non-Player Character (NPC), which despite being in the game, took a player over 600 hours to discover. This intriguing experience revealed an unexpected facet of the game, stirring excitement among players across the globe.

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The unique element wasn't just the discovery of the NPC referred to as the Wandering Trader, but the fact that the character had a pet which has led to an outpouring of admiration among players. These pets are a rare, treasured find in Starfield, contributing to their popularity among players.

The rarity and uniqueness of this character's pet, a blend of a lizard and an axolotl, particularly piqued players' interest. Those with a seasoned eye for the game expressed a desire to own a similar companion in a galaxy where pet companionship, particularly dogs are absent.

In a post made by the discoverer of the Wandering Trader, the player described encountering the unique NPC in a 'random structure' after playing for 600 hours. This staggering discovery was not the sole source of fascination among the players in the gaming community, but the idea of a cherished pet companion.

The statement 'Makes me wish I could have a pet too,' was a common sentiment echoed by several players in response to the thread, expressing their enthusiasm for this unique new revelation. Additionally, the presence of the pet initially sparked confusion, even leading one player to almost shoot the creature, misconstruing it for an enemy.

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However, a possible workaround to obtaining this coveted pet companion has been suggested by a few players. Not the most honorable method, but it does hint at a solution for those players with a burning desire to journey the galaxy with a pet by their side.

The workaround advises that sneaking and stealing the Wandering Trader's ship should result in the NPC's pet appearing on the ship. Although unconventional, this method has proven successful for several players, adding a fun and adventurous twist to the game.

Several players confirmed the strategy's effectiveness in enabling them to cart around the Wandering Merchant’s pet across the galaxy, symbolizing it as their own companion. This experience has added a new layer of excitement and intrigue to Starfield, sparking an eagerness among players to embark on their own quest of discovery.

The delightful element of surprise in Starfield keeps players hooked onto the game, as it continues to unravel a multitude of unexpected, fascinating encounters at every turn. The narrative of the Wandering Trader and the elusive pet serves as a testament to the magnificence and mystery that Starfield encompasses.

This particular event has indeed added an enticing layer of intrigue, boosting the curiosity and excitement of players worldwide. The anticipation of more such unique discoveries keeps the players motivated, ensuring they are persistently exploring all the nooks and crannies of Starfield’s immersive universe.

While the unending galaxy of Starfield offers unlimited exploration and discovery opportunities, players keep pushing the boundaries of this magnificent universe. As they tread on their path of discovery, they continuously unlock new puzzles that add to the thrilling experience of playing Starfield.

However, the Wandering Trader's intriguing encounter is just the tip of the iceberg. Akin to a cosmic treasure hunt, Starfield's massive galaxy continues to leave players spellbound with its unknowable expanse. Each gamer’s journey is a unique experience, lined with untold adventures, making Starfield a distinctive game in the gaming sphere.

With Starfield’s galactic realm filled to the brim with riveting narratives and exciting encounters, there is little doubt that players have a lot more to unravel. As players delve deeper into the wondrous universe of Starfield, it continues to unfurl a spectacular show, taking player engagement to unprecedented heights.

Indeed, the Wandering Trader's discovery and the possibility of possessing a pet companion are potent reminders of the infinite possibilities and surprises that Starfield has to offer. Emphasizing the significance of exploration, Starfield provides a thrilling, constantly evolving gaming experience.

As the adventure continues to unfold, players from around the world eagerly anticipate what lies next in Starfield's grand narrative. Unquestionably, the Universe of Starfield continues to hold players in its gripping tale, ensuring they remain at the edge of their seats, and always hungry for more.