Warzone Mobile Player's Free Ghost Skin Experience

A detailed look into the bugs and issues players are encountering while trying to access their free Ghost skin on Warzone Mobile.

The players of Call of Duty : Modern Warfare 3 got the opportunity to unlock a free Ghost skin. Through a simple process of downloading Warzone Mobile and linking it to their Activision accounts, they could claim this mobile reward. Upon claiming, accessing this skin from PC/console platform was expected to be seamless.

However, this entire process turned out not to be as smooth as anticipated. Reports started emerging of players facing challenges in accomplishing these steps. These issues appeared to take the enjoyment out of the otherwise exciting experience of unlocking the free skin.

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Similarly, some players who managed to unlock the free skin began reporting strange bugs associated with the skin. These bugs, while not necessarily gameplay-impacting, certainly had an effect on the overall game immersion for the affected players.

Warzone Mobile Player

A player brought this issue to the fore through his post reminding Modern Warfare 3 players of their Warzone Mobile rewards. Not only was this a nice reminder for those who may have forgotten, it also highlighted that the skin glitches were widespread.

Bugs perplexing Warzone Mobile Players

It was reported that the lobby model of the free skin exhibits a 'broken head'. Also, a different issue involving 'different arms' is observed in the first-person Point of View. This has led to a strange and unexpected gameplay experience for the players.

Several other players posted in various forums, recounting their encounters with the buggy Ghost skin in Warzone Mobile. This gaining traction helped alert other players who may have been considering unlocking the skin.

There were complaints about the gold mask of the Operator being mysteriously absent in lobbies but strangely appearing fine in-game. Yet again, another incident involving the Ghost skin that reduced the enjoyment for the players.

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Player's Struggle to Claim the Free Skin

Interestingly, the glitches are not the only problems that the players faced. Many have reported significant difficulties in claiming the Ghost skin. The process of linking the Activision account to Warzone Mobile, although intended to be straightforward, turned out to be a hurdle.

Players were left frustrated after spending long hours in unsuccessful attempts to log into their accounts. It was quite disheartening, considering they were looking forward to acquiring the free Ghost skin.

Some users expressed their disappointment in not being able to claim the skin at all. This only amplified the overall negative sentiment towards this particular offering from the game.

Players of Warzone Mobile and Modern Warfare 3 were left hoping for a quick fix to these issues. The experience was certainly not on par with their initial expectations, but they remain optimistic about an upcoming solution.