Call of Duty Players Divided Over Return of Jetpacks

Call of Duty players express mixed views on reintroducing jetpacks into the game, following a question posed by platform ModernWarzone. The debate comes amid the resurgence of Black Ops 3 in the gaming community.

ModernWarzone's Colloquy about Jetpacks in Call of Duty

ModernWarzone recently posed a question to Call of Duty (COD) players on whether they would like to see jetpacks return to the game. The response was mixed, showing a lack of consensus within the community.

The Controversial Introduction of Jetpacks

Jetpacks, introduced during the era of Advanced Warfare, were initially a controversial feature. Developed by Sledgehammer Games, the Advanced Warfare was criticized for altering the game's movement mechanics. However, the introduction of exo-suits, or jetpacks, spurred other COD titles such as Black Ops 3, Infinite Warfare, and Black Ops 4 to follow suit.

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In the past, the COD community celebrated a return to classic 'boots-on-the-ground' gameplay with Modern Warfare 2019. However, now, half a decade since the last jet pack title, a segment of players seem willing to revisit the once controversial feature.

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Resurgence of Interest and Community Response

This interest was reignited when a Black Ops 3 tournament was organized by League pros, during which OpTic Gaming star Dashy declared the Black Ops 3, complete with jet packs, as 'the peak of COD'. This sentiment was shared by others in the community during the tournament.

The Black Ops 3 revival led to ModernWarzone asking the question: "Should jetpacks make a return in Call of Duty." While Sledgehammer has already indicated that the upcoming MW3 won’t include jet packs, the question is open to the future series entries.

Tom Henderson, a video game insider, suggested that a jetpack COD every five to six years wouldn't be a bad idea. He claimed that it could be an 'interesting change' and could bring a 'nice change to Warzone.' Another player proposed that each COD developer should focus on a different specialty, such as modern, historical or experimental games.

However, not everyone agreed with the suggested return of the jetpacks. A user on the opposing side argued against the idea, claiming that it had 'already ruined the game once.' Rumor has it that Call of Duty 2025 will remaster Black Ops 2 maps which may put off this jetpacks debate for a few years.