Double Support Item Strategy Facing Major Changes in League of Legends

Significant adjustments in League of Legends patch 14.7 are set to put an end to the favorable double support item strategy, decreasing players’ gold generation and changing the game dynamics. Patch 14.7 of the popular online game, League of Legends, is set to make big changes that will completely overhaul the double support item strategy, according to the game’s developers. This beloved strategy which has been used faithfully by players is facing another nerf complements of the developers. Furthermore, this adjustment will be highly consequential for players who have depended on this strategy to amass considerable amounts of in-game gold. The double support item strategy has in the past been seen as an effective combination for players to gain massive amounts of gold without breaking a sweat. This approach allows players to purchase multiple copies of the support item, thereby going around the gold generation debuff, a move referred to as sharing creep score (CS). The result is a flush of gold generation that combines both the support item and farm gold. This strategy was a handy tool for players who sought to have an upper hand over their opponents. The fusion of gold from farming and gold generated by the support item made the players a formidable force in the game. However, this loophole is soon to be closed, marking the end of an era in which this strategy reigned supreme. Nerfs on this well-liked trick have not been a rarity since the launch of Season 14, with earlier attempts to control it. However, these nerfs have not been entirely successful as a few players have managed to continue using the trick to their advantage. The developers, seeing this persisting trend, are of the view that the strategy should be done away with completely, hence the imminent changes. Some players have been known to use champions like Senna in their strategy, scooping large amounts of gold and a powerful item in the process. It is this kind of exploit that the game's developers want to stop. The adjustments aim to balance the game and prevent the over-reliance on this strategy for gold accumulation. A significant nerf being released by the game’s developers is the reduction of the number of minions that a player can kill before the gold generation rule applies. Currently, players can kill as many as 20 minions within five minutes without invoking the rule. With the new changes, the number of minions that can be killed before the rule applies will be divided by the number of support items within a team. This means that if your team has two support items, you can last hit 10 minions every five minutes. The number drops to seven for teams having three support items. This change foretells a massive nerf to the double support item strategy, practically making it a less preferable option for League of Legends teams. The double support item changes come in hand with a number of other changes to the role of the support. Nerfs are also set to be applied to items such as Zaz'Zak's Realmspike, Bloodsong, and Imperial Mandate. These changes are geared towards dialing down the overall power of supports, making the role more balanced and less susceptible to exploitation. The release of patch 14.7, therefore, marks the end for the double support item strategy, a development that is sure to shake up the game mechanics. The era of exploiting this strategy for quick gold is drawing to a close, forcing players to devise new tactics to remain competitive in the game. While some may see it as a setback, it is a necessary measure to maintain the integrity and balance of the game. In light of these planned changes, fans of the game should brace themselves for a new gaming experience. Adjusting strategies and embracing the new changes will be critical for players going forward. How players adapt to the phasing out of the double support item strategy will determine their success in the game. While it is indeed a major change, it is a step in the right direction towards ensuring fairness and balance in the gameplay. By introducing these changes, the developers are looking to shake up the dynamics of the game and present players with new and interesting challenges. Indeed, the patch 14.7 changes promise to make the game more exciting and competitive. In conclusion, while the changes introduced in patch 14.7 may seem drastic, they are intended to ensure an even playing field for all players in the League of Legends landscape. Players now must navigate these changes and devise new strategies to remain at the top. There may be initial pushback from some players, but in the end, these changes are likely to improve the overall gaming experience. Consequently, patch 14.7 is bound to bring about an interesting turn of events as it crashes the double item support strategy, much to the chagrin of some players. However, change is the only constant, and players will inevitably adapt to this new gameplay landscape, setting the stage for new tactics to emerge in the popular online game, League of Legends.