AMD's latest CPU achieves 132fps in Fortnite, no need for a separate graphics card.

A detailed assessment of the gaming performance of AMD's 8700G in Fortnite. The article provides insights into the competence of the chip, analysing framerate, resolution and overall gaming experience.

The rise in popularity of e-sports and video games, particularly Fortnite, compels game enthusiasts to constantly update their hardware setups. Central to these enhancements is the processor, where AMD has been making significant strides with their 8700G. In this context, we assess gaming performance of AMD's 8700G chip while playing Fortnite.

The 8700G is hailed as an efficient chip, driven by its Zen architecture and powerful Radeon Vega graphics. It's designed to provide an optimized gaming experience without compromising on system performance. However, the bigger question is whether it can deliver when tested against today's high-demand games, like Fortnite.

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Examining Frame Rates


Frame rate, measured in frames per second (FPS), directly influences the gaming experience. It’s one of the first things gamers consider when gauging a processor's effectiveness. Maintaining higher framerates during gameplay facilitates a smooth, lag-free experience.

In previous tests, the 8700G demonstrated a high-speed performance in Fortnite at 1080p, hitting an average of 46fps. This surpasses the base threshold of 30fps that gamers typically regard as the minimum acceptable level. The 8700G's ability to sustain impressive framerates clearly illustrates its potential as a gaming chip.

However, it's important to note that FPS may dip during high-action sequences. These dips are natural, especially when the game is played at high resolutions. Despite that, any FPS drop with the 8700G remained significantly minor and hardly impacted overall gameplay.

Impact of Gaming Resolutions

Resolution is another critical factor contributing to gaming performance. A higher resolution makes games appear sharper and more detailed, but they also demand more processing power. Thus, assessing a processor's gaming performance necessitates examining its performance at different resolutions.

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At lower resolutions, the 8700G outperformed maintaining above 40fps during Fortnite gameplay. This points to a very realistic and engaging gaming experience, one that is not hindered by any significant frame drops or lags.

Evaluating the 8700G at higher resolutions of 1440p and 4K, a drop in FPS was observed. However, the animated actions remained smooth, and the decline did not drastically affect the gaming experience. Establishing that, the 8700G provides a genuinely immersive gaming experience at any resolution.

While playing Fortnite at high settings, the 8700G was more than capable of sustaining a solid performance. This is encouraging to gamers seeking a processor capable of both high-resolution and high-frame-rate gameplay.

Overclocking and the 8700G

For enthusiasts who prefer customizing their systems for optimal performance, overclocking is a valuable option. Overclocking can amplify the performance of a chip beyond its factory settings - an appealing prospect for the gamers. Does the 8700G offer an impressive performance when overclocked?

In tests, the 8700G maintained steady framerates even when overclocked, with minimal compromises on the gaming experience. The ability to perform well under these conditions is a testament to the 8700G's flexible and enduring design.

However, potential heat issues associated with overclocking warrant caution. It's crucial for gamers considering overclocking to have a cooling system in place to protect their hardware.

Despite the possible heat implications, the versatility and efficiency of the 8700G when overclocked are certainly impressive. This gives it an excellent reputation among game enthusiasts and hardware fans alike.

In Conclusion

In conclusion, the AMD 8700G does live up to its reputation as a reliable gaming chip, showing excellent performance in Fortnite. It demonstrates high frame rates at various resolutions, making it a fantastic choice for gamers who value smooth, detailed gaming experiences.

While it does exhibit some FPS drops at higher resolutions, the difference is barely noticeable. The gaming experience remains largely undisturbed, and gamers can comfortably play Fortnite without facing significant lags or stutters.

Moreover, the 8700G shows commendable performance when overclocked, offering gamers additional leeway to maximize their machines. Provided adequate cooling is implemented, the AMD 8700G proves to be a versatile and efficient gaming chip. In the gaming world where every millisecond counts, such attributes are indeed praised.

Above all, AMD's 8700G is impressive not just on paper, but also in its real-world performance. Ultimately, the 8700G showcases AMD's strong grasp on gamers' demands, proving again why the firm continues to be a reliable choice for gaming processors.