SpaceX's latest Starlink dish has been unveiled, with a price tag of $599.

SpaceX's new Starlink dish comes with a considerably higher tag; but this change seems justified as this next-gen satellite dish has been made costlier to make, according to the company.

Introduction to Starlink

Daunting telecommunications challenges are about to face a major ally. SpaceX’s Starlink aims to have the globe blanketed by its low-orbit internet satellites. Promising higher speeds and lower latency, it currently offers high-speed broadband internet to people across the world.

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Since its inception, SpaceX’s satellite broadband service, Starlink, has been a beacon of technological competence. Providing premium internet service speed with its admirable low Earth orbit (LEO) satellite internet service, Starlink has carved a niche in fields where conventional internet providers have had limited success.


Renowned for global coverage and laudable internet speed, Starlink has become a favorite for rural and remote homes and businesses. Using its specially designed tiny satellites that orbit at a much lower altitude than traditional satellites, it is able to render an unparalleled internet service quality.

However, in a bid to maintain this high standard of service, Starlink has revealed an increased price for its satellite dish. This can be attributed to numerous odds Musk’s admission that the company had been selling the equipment at a loss, amplifying the need for a price hike.

Revealing the New Dish’s Price

Faced with a financial strain due to heightened global supply chain problems, SpaceX decided to raise the price of its dish. Therefore, current and prospective Starlink users will have to arm themselves with an additional 100 dollars, bringing the upfront cost to an estimated 500 dollars.

This increment does not come without justification. When addressing queries from customers regarding the price change, SpaceX emphasized that the new price better represents the heightened cost of production.

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Further insights into this price adjustment were provided by the company. According to SpaceX, it is indeed losing money on every user terminal sold. This is a result of the terminal’s cost far exceeding its selling price. Even with recent increases in price, SpaceX has yet to break even.

Therefore, to balance the scales, a price increase was inevitable. But Elon Musk’s SpaceX has ensured the price increase is reasonable and necessary. And with the level of efficiency and service Starlink dishes offer, they still hold value for money despite the increased cost.

Dish Production Cost

For those unfamiliar with the expenses context, producing a Starlink dish is a pricey affair. A single dish can consume as much as 1000 dollars to make. This pricing includes the peripheral equipment that users have to buy to use the Starlink satellite internet service.

While the cost of production sounds alarming, clearly it's a situation SpaceX is willing to navigate to see its users enjoy stable and fast internet service irrespective of their location. With the announcement of the new pricing, the cost is divided equally (approximately), half by the company and half by the customer.

SpaceX even made efforts to cut down hardware costs for users. They introduced a smaller version of the Starlink dish. However, this new version, although less costly than its predecessor, still didn’t bridge the economic gap.

Therefore, with all these considerations, the price increase, whilst a surprising move by SpaceX, is justifiable. Further breakdown of the price increase provides a better perspective.

Price Increase Breakdown

It's imperative to remember that this recent change affects only the initial cost of the Starlink Kit. It is advised that as a new subscriber, you would have to cough out an additional 100 dollars, resulting in a total sum of 500 dollars.

The monthly subscription fee, however, remains unaltered - sticking at 99 dollars per month. This implies that the monthly payments remain unaffected by the changes and stay as budget-friendly as ever.

Also, the shipping and handling charge for the Starlink Kit has undergone a minor price hike. Instead of the initial 29 dollars, customers will now be required to pay an extra 20 dollars, making it 49 dollars in total.

Despite these new changes, SpaceX assures potential subscribers of the premium quality they will continue to enjoy. All these changes are an ongoing means to conserve the business model and protect Starlink’s future.


Like every company faced with external financial pressures, SpaceX was left with no choice but to increase the price of the Starlink dish. Striving to keep Starlink's mission of providing high-speed broadband internet globally, it must adjust its internal economics to match up with the present reality.

Indeed, for a billion-dollar company like SpaceX, taking a hit in finance for the ultimate good of its customers is laudable. But in the same vein, to keep providing its premium quality service, it has to make financial decisions that can come across as hard to digest.

Customers might have the short end of the stick with this price hike, but the odds are still weighted in their favor. Most other broadband services still don’t match the speed and seamless connectivity that Starlink provides, making it one of the best internet service providers in the market.

Thus, as the narrative of global internet coverage evolves, Starlink will continue to be an integral part of it, redefining the rules and setting the pace.