MrBeast, eFuse Collaborate with Influencers and Pros for Exclusive Fortnite Tournament

Jimmy 'MrBeast' Donaldson and eFuse join forces with eight influencers and esports professionals to launch an exclusive Fortnite Tournament dubbed the Creator League. YouTube Creator Enters Competitive Gaming with Major <a href=' alt='FortNite'>Fortnite</a> Tournament

YouTuber Jimmy ‘MrBeast’ Donaldson Enters Gaming Space

Known for being the single most-subscribed independent creator on YouTube, Jimmy ‘MrBeast’ Donaldson is popular for his work on high quality, big-budget videos. Though, gaming has always been a part of his interests. Over the years, MrBeast has expressed his interest in esports, even hinting at purchasing a team in the LCS and entering the NACL. Now, along with other high-profile influencers, he plans to pioneer a league of his own, thus giving a new direction to the world of competitive gaming.

In alliance with eFuse, MrBeast and numerous other popular content creators are entering the gaming scene in a major way with a grand Fortnite tournament.

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MrBeast's Creator League and its Workings

The Creator League is an influencer-led tournament series aimed at promoting competitive gaming. With the series, numerous popular creators will captain individual esports teams across various top-quality games. The influencers, along with their communities, will make major decisions directly impacting the fate of their teams in the games.

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Some influencers confirmed to participate in the Creator League include Bella Poarch, Vinnie Hacker, IShowSpeed, CDawgVA, Clix, OTK, Optic Gaming (Scump & Hecz), and Snapnap. All have a considerable presence in the world of esports and gaming.

Fans can buy a community pass that will give them an opportunity to participate in an open qualifier tournament, have their say in how the League proceeds, and potentially win exclusive giveaways, merchandise drops, access to private parties and AMA's with the creators. The cost of the pass has been set at $19.99.

Creator League Season 1 Schedule

From September 8 to October 5, the first part of the Creator League, divided into four splits, goes live. In the first split, teams will engage in 3v3 zero-build Fortnite games in Hardpoint, Capture the Flag, and Oddball modes. This brings an open qualifier tournament with a $50,000 prize, giving fans a chance to win a portion of the astounding $200,000 prize pool for Split 1's main event.

The first round begins with a three-day open qualifier tournament that spans from September 8 to September 10. On September 13, creators will host a live, hour-long show to draft their teams with help from the community pass holders. Finally, the League kicks off on September 19 with the first high-stakes Fortnite event.

Where to Watch Creator League

Fans of gaming can watch the Creator League on the participating creators' individual Twitch channels. In addition, the League will also stream live on eFuse’s official Twitch channel, offering high-quality coverage of all games and events.

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