Fortnite Streamer HydraSZN Pleads Twitch for Unban After Controversial Statements

Streamer HydraSZN, famous for playing Fortnite, has requested Twitch to lift his ban implemented after controversial comments made during a game.

The well-known Fortnite streamer, HydraSZN, has requested Twitch to lift his ban which was imposed following certain contentious remarks he made in jest during a live stream.

HydraSZN's Controversial Statement

On August 20, the online community demanded action from Twitch against HydraSZN for making distasteful jokes about being a “predator” during a game where he mimicked being a 'child predator' and said he “likes kids.” Fed up with the comments, Twitch acted on August 24 by indefinitely suspending him from the platform.

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Streamer's Appeal to Twitch

HydraSZN, who shifted to the Kick platform following his suspension, two days later pleaded with Twitch to review his suspension. He stated that while the backlash for his ill-conceived joke was deserved, an indefinite ban was unwarranted. He requested the platform to unban him, stating that Twitch was his job and fulfilling his childhood dream, and he was finally achieving success.

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Despite his appeal, HydraSZN continued to face criticism, with many accusing him of deflecting blame instead of accepting responsibility for his actions. He responded by asserting that he took full responsibility for his lapse in judgement and that his tweet was merely to bring attention to Twitch's unfair banning policies.

Will Twitch Lift The Ban?

It is generally rare for Twitch to reverse its decision on indefinite bans. However, a reversal is not totally out of the question. It remains to be seen whether the platform will consider HydraSZN's appeal and agree to lift his ban.