Roblox's Brookhaven RP Emulated in Fortnite’s Creative Mode

The well-loved Roblox game, Brookhaven RP, has been reproduced in Fortnite's Creative mode, causing mixed reactions among fans.

The gaming community was taken by surprise when it was announced that Brookhaven RP, arguably one of the most cherished Roblox experiences, had been reimagined in Fortnite's Creative Mode. This took many fans on a trip down memory lane, contemplating the similarities between Fortnite's version and the much-celebrated Roblox rendition.

Originating as a platform for players to construct and play within their block-built worlds, Roblox has transformed over the years into a dynamic ecosystem of user-generated experiences. The game Brookhaven RP, in particular, has captured the hearts of millions with its engaging role-play scripting and immersive world, becoming even more popular over time.

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Meanwhile, the Unreal Engine for Fortnite (UEFN), a fusion of Unreal Engine 4 and Fortnite’s Creative Mode, stands as a direct competitor to Roblox Studio. It’s overwhelming the number of unique game types and user experiences that UEFN enables, stupefying the gaming world.


UEFN has made possible the creation of numerous interactive gaming experiences, including logic puzzles, escape rooms, and lifelike simulations. Moreover, it has paved the way for the inception of games inspired by iconic franchises such as UNO, Only Up, and several others.

The most recent creation, however, is a mirror image of one of Roblox's most popular games: Brookhaven RP. This replication created in Fortnite's Creative mode surprised and bemused many devotees of the original Roblox game.

Roblox’s Brookhaven Fans to Reactions to Fortnite Version

Roblox streamer KreekCraft's recent tweet signifies that Brookhaven RP has been introduced to Fortnite. In his post, he humorously suggested a possible collaboration between the two games. He further showed off Brookhaven as currently being one of the best experiences in Fortnite’s UEFN.

Responsible for creating the original Brookhaven experience in Roblox is Wolfpaq Games. On the other hand, bdd took credit for its Fortnite’s Creative mode rendition. This finding led fans to conjecture that Wolfpaq may not have approved the Fortnite Creative replication designed by bdd.

Elevating the friction, Fortnite's DMCA strikes are markedly more indulgent compared to Roblox's. This discrepancy has sparked outrage among Brookhaven fans, irritated by the existence and upward trend of such replications in UEFN.

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In voicing shock at the reality of the situation, one fan exclaimed, 'I'm surprised they haven’t gotten copyrighted yet.' Another was equally taken aback, stating, 'It’s crazy how Fortnite can get away with clear copyright violations, but Roblox gets destroyed by DMCA.'

Another user took a more humorous approach, highlighting another trending Roblox game in Fortnite, 'I see Phasmophobia there. It’s about time we played again (in Fortnite).'

While Wolfpaq Games has yet to officially address the issue, Fortnite players are taking pleasure in the Roblox-inspired game in UEFN. The Island Code for those interested in participating in this uniquely transformed gaming experience is 8794-8292-7360.