TSM star ImperialHal urges Respawn to Introduce Prize Money in Apex Legends Ranked Play

A leading esports star, Philip ‘ImperialHal’ Dosen, from Team SoloMid, has proposed introducing cash prizes to stimulate viewership in Apex Legends as Fortnite did.

TSM star Philip ‘ImperialHal’ Dosen has suggested that game developer Respawn follows Fortnite's lead by introducing cash rewards for standard Ranked play in a bid to enhance viewership of Apex Legends.

In the past few seasons, there have been growing concerns for the future of the popular battle royale game as many believe it requires significant changes. Several players, including ImperialHal, have expressed their worries that the game may not persist much longer, with a lot of PC players reportedly leaving. As a professional player, Hal often views changes with a focus on the competitive scene.

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Hence, after the Season 18 update, Hal suggested that Respawn should observe Epic Games' method for managing Fortnite's competitive scene as a model to rejuvenate Apex Legends battle royale.

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ImperialHal's Input on Apex Legends Cash Cups

This idea was mentioned during a stream by Hal on August 20 where he mentioned to Respawn that more 'new' content is needed when a major update is released, rather than just introducing a new character and making minor adjustments. He added that the three-month span of the same content followed by a simple update changing one character does not suffice, and that drawing out content could risk the longevity of the game.

Looking at the competitive side, Hal noted that Apex should take inspiration from Fortnite’s Cash Cup system. As he stated, there are many things that the game could incorporate to attract more attention. He emphasized that greater rewards are needed for high ranks and proposed the introduction of Cash Cups similar to Fortnite as the game's viewership relies heavily on its competitive aspect.

Viewer Trends and Stats for Battle Royale Games

Stat-tracking website for Twitch channels and games, SullyGnome, reveals that viewership for Respawn's battle royale has seen a notable dip. Since the start of Season 18, the total viewership has decreased by a few thousand viewers compared to the previous month. On the other hand, while Fortnite does not hold the same vast viewership it had in its early years, it still surpasses its rivals including Apex and Warzone. Hence, Hal's proposal of incorporating some of Fortnite's strategies could indeed be a valuable consideration to ensure the future success of Apex Legends.