Call of Duty Mobile Accused of Mimicking Fortnite Mega City Map

New Map in Call of Duty Mobile Season 8, Kurohana Metropolis, draws criticism for uncanny resemblance to popular 'Mega City' location in Fortnite.

Call of Duty Mobile Announces Season 8

Call of Duty Mobile announced their plan to launch Season 8 on 6th September, introducing new weapons, grenades, operators, and modes in the innovative season titled 'Error 404'. An exciting addition to the world of gaming, the season brings new strategies for games enthusiasts. However, one striking feature of this forthcoming gaming season that has drawn attention is the new map called 'Kurohana Metropolis'.

New Map 'Kurohana Metropolis'

This new multiplayer map in COD Mobile boasts of a futuristic downtown setting for the games. Fans have noted that the brightly lit Japanese-inspired aesthetics greatly resemble Tokyo. The reception to the fresh addition has, however, seen mixed reactions. Some believe the creators may have copied a favored location in Fortnite, Mega City, which was introduced to the popular Battle Royale game in March 2023.

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Accusations of Imitating 'Mega City'

As news of the new map spread in the gaming circles, many observed its similarities to Fortnite's Mega City. The resemblance between the two virtual locations in both games has caused an uproar, with several commenters expressing their discontent online. “Activision saw mega city from Fortnite and called it a day,” one comment read. Another user remarked, “Literally MEGA City.”

Call of Duty Mobile Accused of Mimicking Fortnite Mega City Map ImageAlt

It is worth noting, however, that some players in the gaming community, unfamiliar with the debate, have offered words of praise for Kurohana Metropolis. “Looks better than any new map they released for the regular cod,” one appreciative user noted.

A comparison of the two maps does indeed reveal distinct similarities, notably the influence of Tokyo's vibrant city nightlife. They both feature characteristic bright pink and blue lights, Japanese lettering, and Japan's iconic cherry blossom trees.

COD Mobile's Season 8: Error 404 will officially go live on 6th September at 5 PM PT. Fans are waiting with bated breath to see how the new map will fare amidst the controversy in the world of gaming. With a blend of old and new elements, this game season promises to offer an exciting experience to all gamers.