Epic Games Faces Criticism Over AI Bots in Fortnite

The use of AI bots in Fortnite has become a divisive issue among gamers. This article provides an in-depth exploration into their usage and the community's growing frustration.

Players of the online video game Fortnite are voicing their aggravation with the game's developer, Epic Games, for its ongoing use of artificial intelligence (AI) bots to fill their matches. This dissatisfaction persists despite the game reportedly having a constant flow of millions of daily players.

The Battle Royale mode of Fortnite is known for its constant evolution, which has always churned out mixed reviews from its community. The impact of every new feature, weapon, or in-game item is keenly debated, reinforcing the dynamic nature of the game.

The Oddities of Fortnite Game Mechanics
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In its fifth chapter, Fortnite saw a host of new additions and changes introduced. These alterations rejuvenated the game's meta and transformed the way players compete for the cherished Victory Royale.

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Still, one aspect that has remained consistent since the game's second season, and has sparked controversy among Fortnite's community, is the employment of AI bots. It appears this feature continues to be a cause for concern.

Frustration Over AI Bots Continues

An example of this growing discontent was seen when one player questioned the necessity of AI bots despite the game boasting millions of daily players. They shared a video clip where they eliminated an enemy player suspected to be an AI bot with minimal effort.

In the shared footage, the player was equipped with three medallions and was full of loot in the final circle of the game. They launched a missile from their Anvil Rocket Launcher at the opposing player, who walked straight into it, leading to an effortless victory.

This scenario led to inflowing criticism about Epic Games' prevalent use of AI bots in Fortnite. Some players expressed dissatisfaction with the cycle of winning a game, getting matched against high-level players, losing, and subsequently ending up in a lobby full of AI bots. They described the pattern as unsatisfying.

The New Era of Fortnite
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Others argued that abundant bot usage spoils the essence of the game. They highlighted situations where two AI bots would engage each other, inflicting no damage, allowing the player to eliminate both easily. These players argued that even though such scenarios boosted players' kill-to-death ratio, it felt dishonest.

Diverse Opinions on AI Bots

On the other hand, some players have appreciated the introduction of AI bots. For instance, working adults who enjoy the game during their free time find that playing against AI opponents can make the game, otherwise dominated by skilled players, more accessible and enjoyable for them.

An alternate viewpoint suggested that defeating every human player before engaging with the bot still requires skill. Therefore, if the last human player loses to the bot, it reflects the overall skill level of the entire lobby, not the bot's strength.

The use of AI bots in Fortnite has been a strategic move by Epic Games to balance the game's difficulty using Skill-Based Matchmaking (SBM). This intricate system has been in place for nearly five years.

Though player sentiment about AI bot usage in Fortnite might be divided, there's no indication that Epic Games will remove this feature. The developer has not provided any information that suggests a potential change in this regard.

It remains to be seen how Epic Games will address this ongoing controversy over AI bots. Whether through further adjustments to their SBM system or reducing bot usage overall, Fortnite's community eagerly awaits a resolution that enhances their gaming experience.