Fortnite Twitch Streamer HydraSZN Accused of Making Inappropriate Comments

Popular Fortnite Twitch Streamer HydraSZN finds himself in hot water over unsuitable jokes about being a sexual “predator”. The streamer has yet to respond to the allegations.

In a post dated August 20, a twitter user has asked Twitch to take immediate action against Fortnite streamer HydraSZN for his unsettling jesting remarks about being a “predator.”

Controversial Comments Caught on Stream

An offensive section from a recent broadcast reveals HydraSZN verbally assaulting another player amid gameplay and making questionable comments about himself. The 19-year-old can be heard openly referring to himself as a “child predator” and making disturbing remarks about his alleged affinity for children.

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In another shared clip from a different broadcast, the streamer mentioned his intention to “violate a minor,” causing additional concern about his conduct.

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Backlash from the Community

Reactions have flooded in from the community denouncing and reprimanding the streamer's remarks. A group of critics accused HydraSZN of unacceptable behavior, and some commented that they saw these remarks coming due to the streamer's well-established tendency to be eccentric. Comments flooded in on social platforms regarding HydraSZN’s problematic behavior including, “Hydra has always been super weird,” and “Honestly not surprised he said this.”

Others shared their concern and labeled the streamer as being “strange” for allegedly attempting to be controversial to gain views. They have also urged Twitch to intervene and address the issue immediately.

Awaiting Twitch's Response

The original poster of the controversial clips has expressed that they’ve reached out to Twitch regarding the issue, which they categorized as “child endangerment”. They’ve even committed to tackling the issue themselves if the streaming platform does not take necessary action.

As this is not the first time HydraSZN has been scrutinized for similar comments, the gaming community awaits a response from Twitch on this pressing issue. At present, HydraSZN has not issued a public acknowledgment or response to the outcry from the community.