Netflix's One Piece Launch Turns Disappointing for Fortnite Playerbase

Fortnite, with a history of incorporating popular anime characters, disappoints players as it introduces One Piece in an unexpected way

Anime Influence in Fortnite

The influence of anime crossovers in Fortnite's gaming environment has been remarkable. These crossovers have not only brought Fortnite’s audience closer to the anime world, but have also testified to the genre’s growing global popularity. The game has been significantly enriched over the years by incorporating characters including Goku and All Might, from various popular games. Much to the delight of high-quality gaming fans, players can not only purchase in-game cosmetic items based on these characters but can also experience their abilities.

Jujutsu Kaisen was the most recent anime crossover in Fortnite. With the advent of the new Netflix series based on the popular anime One Piece, players were expecting a similar crossover experience. However, the results fell short of expectations, causing widespread disappointment among gaming enthusiasts, evident from reactions on gaming websites and social forums.

Relishing Fortnite Nostalgia
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Disappointed by One Piece Crossover

Reacting to the One Piece crossover news, a section of the Fortnite high-quality gaming community voiced their disappointment. These players were hopeful for in-game cosmetics and a crossover event, akin to past anime collaborations in the games. The anticipation had been building around Luffy and Roronoa Zoro character skins, with players expecting these to be released concurrent to the broadcast of the crossover.


Expressing the disappointment, an unsatisfied player commented, 'Huge L + not what we want', while another said, 'That’s it? That’s the One Piece Collab? THAT WAS JUST A LOUSY ANIME THEMED PIRATE MODE.' Another player criticized Fortnite's gaming decision, pointing out that Fortnite could have created some winning moments around the launch of the One Piece Live Action series.

Despite the initial feedback, players can still experience the fusion of One Piece and Fortnite by entering the exclusive island code associated with the crossover in the gaming platform, or by visiting the official experience page and saving it to their game playlists.