Twitch Reverses Decision to Permanently Ban Fortnite Streamer Over Inappropriate Joke

Twitch has reinstated HydraSZN, a controversial Fortnite streamer previously banned for making inappropriate remarks about children. The streamer has vowed not to repeat such mistakes. <a href=' alt='FortNite'>Fortnite</a> Streamer Twitch Controversy

Controversy and Ban

In a significant development, Twitch has overturned its decision to permanently suspend a Fortnite streamer who was initially banned for making casual remarks about being a child predator. Known as HydraSZN, the Fortnite streamer stirred controversy in August after making various inappropriate comments during one of his games broadcasts. In what seemed to be a joke taken too far, HydraSZN stated he 'liked kids' and boasted about being a 'child predator'. His comments generated outrage in the gaming community and triggered a wave of condemnation that led to Twitch, the Amazon-owned gaming platform, banning him permanently.

Appeal and Reinstatement

Following his ban, HydraSZN started lodging appeals to Twitch, acknowledging his mistake and advocating against his indefinite suspension. Even though the gaming platform initially rejected his pleas and upheld his suspension, Twitch decided to reverse its decision on August 31. In an official email, Twitch informed HydraSZN that despite the ban being rightfully imposed considering the nature of his comments during games, they would accept his appeal given the specifics of his case. The controversial streamer’s channel has since been reactivated, a move that took him by surprise. He expressed his gratitude for the chance to make amends and promised not to squander this opportunity in the world of gaming.

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Repeat Offences in the Streaming World

It is important to note that this is not an isolated event in the Fortnite streaming world. There have been cases of streamers making inappropriate comments or indulging in unlawful actions, particularly concerning minors, during their games. In an incident back in 2021, Twitch suspended a Brazilian streamer following his arrest for alleged sexual assault against two minor victims during his gaming sessions.

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