FNCS 2022 champion Setty moves to Manchester City Esports

Setty, considered one of the best Fortnite players in Europe, has joined the Manchester City Esports team. Read on for an in-depth chronicle of his journey.

Setty, the 2022 Fortnite Champion Series (FNCS) winner, has joined the Manchester City Esports team. The news marks yet another milestone in Fortnites ever-evolving Esports landscape.

Last month saw the beginning of the FNCS 2024 Majors, signaling the start of this year's Fortnite Esports season. Throughout the year, seasoned players from around the globe compete in the professional category of Fortnite with ambitions of clinching the grand prize in the FNCS tournaments.

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The professional Fortnite community has witnessed significant changes over the years. New players, such as Anas and Bugha, have gained popularity following their championship victories. The Polish player, Setty, along with Kami, were the reigning champions in the FNCS Invitational 2022.

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Setty has been a part of teams like Tundra Esports and Become Legends in the past. The seasoned Fortnite player has now become a team member of Man City Esports, which represents Premier League's Manchester City.

Setty’s Journey to Man City Esports

Iwo ‘Setty’ Zajac, a professional Fortnite player known for his duo build keyboard and mouse skills, became a part of Man City Esports on February 8, 2024. Touted as one of the best Fortnite players in Europe, he is the newest addition to the club. The Manchester City official X account, along with several other members, welcomed Setty to the club.

As a part of Man City Esports, Setty will be competing in Fortnite Esports tournaments sporting the number 8 jersey. Setty expressed his ambition to win this year's FNCS after narrowly missing out on the title last year, during an interview.

Calling this year's FNCS tournament a "very big deal", Setty said, "we know there is a very big tournament at the end of the year which is going to be like the World Cup again so we're looking to win that." He further went on to appreciate his duo partner, Kami, with whom he will once again compete in this year's FNCS tournament.

What Next for Setty?

Setty has more than made his intentions clear, and with the backing of a high-profile team like Man City Esports, his focus will be solely on winning the tournament. He shared an image of his Fortnite lobby wearing the Manchester City skin in the game, marking his new association.

Sneak peek at what's to come.
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Setty's journey from the FNCS tournament to joining Man City Esports charts a remarkable journey in Esports. His journey, professional growth, and involvement in the Fortnite Esports community also speak volumes to the potential that Esports offers to professional players looking to further their skills & careers.

Setty's move to Man City Esports depicts the promising future of Esports. It represents how traditional sports clubs have recognized the significance and potential of Esports and are eager to be involved.

As Setty gears up for the upcoming tournaments under Man City Esports, his fans, peers and competitors will be keen to see whether this new collaboration helps the Fortnite professional touch newer heights in his thriving Esports career.

This latest development in the Esports world is a validation of how Esports has evolved as a platform, providing an equal playing field to both emerging and existing players while rewarding talent, irrespective of the geographic boundaries.

While we await to see how Setty performs under Man City Esports, his move certainly sets a precedent for upcoming professional players and also further strengthens the collaboration between Esports and traditional sports factions.