Zack Snyder Discloses His Fascination for Fortnite in Gamescom Interview

Popular filmmaker Zack Snyder shares his unexpected enjoyment of Fortnite during an interview at Gamescom while promoting his upcoming Netflix movie Rebel Moon.

In a recent interview at Gamescom, renowned film director Zack Snyder revealed his interest in the globally popular video game Fortnite, which he began playing with his son.

Zack Snyder, whose film career includes major works like 300, Man of Steel, Justice League, and Army of the Dead, attended Gamescom 2023 to promote his upcoming Netflix film, Rebel Moon. During the event, he also premiered a teaser trailer live to the main event's broadcast.

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Zack Snyder’s Fortnite Journey

During a press junket, Zack Snyder was interviewed by IGN, and the conversation inevitably turned towards his gaming habits. The director’s revelation that he is a Fortnite enthusiast was surpising. Even though he didn't initially enjoy the game, Snyder found himself playing it more, even referring to his experience as going down a 'bad rabbit hole' with the game.

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Snyder also revealed that he prefers the 'no build mode' of Fortnite, where players are not required to gather resources or construct structures. This mode has been well received by newcomers to the game.

When questioned about his preferred character skin, Snyder immediately answered that he uses 'Mr. Meeseeks' from the famous TV Show 'Rick and Morty'.

Snyder’s Influence in Fortnite?

The success of Fortnite's collaborations has not escaped the notice of the renowned director, who seemed interested in using his favorite collab skin. He has made several characters popular through his movies, such as Superman, who was incorporated in the game during Chapter 2 Season 7.

This opens up the exciting speculation that there could be potential collaborations between Zack Snyder and Fortnite in the future. Considering Snyder's promotion of his new sci-fi movie Rebel Moon at Gamescom and his admiration for Fortnite, perhaps a crossover isn’t too far off.

Regardless, the game continues to thrive with Epic Games gearing up to launch Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 4 on August 25, 2023, offering a fresh wave of exciting features for their player base.

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