Mastering the FortNite Grapple Glove Technique with Planes

An in-depth guide to executing the engaging grapple glove technique with planes in the popular Battle Royale game, FortNite.

Bringing FortNite to Life

FortNite, a Battle Royale game of survival, has undoubtedly made a name for itself for its innovative gameplay and impressive mechanics. One such mechanic is the Grapple Glove which allows you to traverse the game world at a remarkable speed.

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Yet, pairing this skill with a plane can achieve even more profound effects in the gameplay. This article aims to shed light on this fascinating combination, offering practical insights and tips to make the most of it.

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Before delving further into the intricate world of the Grapple Glove technique, let’s first comprehend the basics of FortNite’s mechanics to get a firm grip on the concept.

Understanding the Grapple Glove Technique

Introduced in season 7 of FortNite, the Grapple Glove allows users to hook onto almost anything in the game world and be instantly pulled toward it. It single-handedly revolutionized movement within the game, providing endless new strategies for traversal.

Grapple Glove agility, elevation, and mobility make it the ideal tool for a strategic approach in the game, helping players avoid threats and maintain the upper hand.

However, to truly master this tool, it's essential to practice regularly and explore the diverse range of options this tool brings to the gaming table.

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To notch up the gameplay, incorporating the Grapple Glove technique with a plane yields more interesting results.

Decoding the Plane Mechanic

Planes were included in FortNite in the same season as the Grapple Glove and quickly made their mark due to the increased mobility they provided. Having a plane in your arsenal enables aerial domination, and skilful navigation can often be the dividing line between victory and defeat.

Moreover, planes are not just for movement. While in flight, they have an in-built mounted turret for air-to-ground combat. This provides a major advantage to those with the aim to match.

Combining the Grapple Glove's agility with the plane's speed and firepower can ensure a winning strategy in your next FortNite Battle Royale game.

We will now address some strategies to use these game mechanics cohesively and efficiently.

The Grapple Glove and Plane: A Winning Combination

Combining the Grapple Glove and plane is an advanced technique that can give you an upper hand in the game. By grappling onto your own plane, you can quickly re-enter it after being knocked out, ensuring you never lose sight of your target.

Moreover, you can use the Grapple Glove to move between planes in mid-flight, offering an unexpected tactic that throws off enemies.

This technique requires fast reflexes and a good understanding of the game's physics. Practice makes perfect, hence, keep trying even if you don’t succeed at first.

It’s essential to remember that balance is crucial in mastering this technique. Focusing solely on grapple-to-plane mechanics can often leave you exposed to enemy fire.

Advanced Grapple-to-Plane Techniques

Delving into the advanced use of this technique, it’s more than moving from plane to plane or reboarding your own plane. Try using a grappled plane as a flinging slingshot to add energy to your movements.

Strategically grappling the plane at the right time can send you flying with extra velocity, bringing an added speed to your movements and making it harder for opponents to hit.

As with everything in FortNite, the grapple-to-plane technique has its risks. However, when executed correctly, it can become one of your most effective strategies to escalate within the game.

Remember, pulling these high-level moves requires practice and precision, but once mastered, they offer a wealth of possibilities.


To wrap things up, combining the Grapple Glove technique with a plane in FortNite can drastically enhance your gameplay. It offers an intriguing manoeuvre which, if executed skillfully, can make you a formidable opponent in the Battle Royale.

The key to mastering it lies in understanding the game mechanics clearly and practicing the techniques regularly.

So, next time you load up FortNite, give this grapple-to-plane technique a try and experience the thrills and spills it can add to your gameplay experience.

Keep in mind, the key to becoming a pro at FortNite is to keep exploring and experimenting various strategies that the game has to offer.