Pokémon Blue and Red from a Different Perspective

A unique perspective on Pokemon Blue and Red games, introducing a new theory on the traditional evolution process.

Pokemon is a fascinating world, brimming with thematic layers. This article aims to delve into a peculiar aspect of Pokemon Red and Blue games. It interprets the traditional evolution in an unconventional light, questioning its standard definition.

Let's begin from the start: Professor Oak's introduction. He introduces you to the concept of Pokemon, tiny creatures with supernatural abilities, inhabiting hidden corners of the world. However, he then asserts an unusual theory about these creatures. He refers to Pokemon as 'pets' raised by trainers, similar to domestic animals.

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This reference raises a question. The term 'pet' suggests a relationship based on adoration and domestication, very unlike the combative environment of Pokemon fights. How does this interpretation align with the immersive gameplay of Pokemon trainers tirelessly battling their Pokemon against others?

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Here's an interesting interpretation to ponder. Taking Professor Oak's term literally, we can perceive Pokemon not as wild beasts caught and domesticated, but as pets trained for combat. Similar to humans training dogs for dog fights, Pokemon trainers prepare their pets for combat. As their skills are honed, they grow stronger, earning experience points and eventually evolving.

Evolution From a New Lens

The traditional perspective views Pokemon evolution as a kind of transformation into a completely different creature. But there seems to be a discrepancy here. How does a Pokemon's identity change after transformation? Do the transformed creatures forget their previous forms post-evolution?

A different theory can be propounded here. Pokemon evolution perhaps does not change the inherent being of the Pokemon but instead brings out its latent potentials. Similar to the real-world evolution theory that all creatures started as simple organisms and evolved into complex beings, Pokemon evolution might be a manifestation of the creature’s hidden abilities or strengths developed from combat exercises.

This reflects Professor Oak's statement about Pokemon as 'pets.' Just as pets learn tricks and commands, Pokemon learn abilities and techniques through training and eventually demonstrating an 'evolved' version of their earlier selves. The evolved Pokemon are not different beings; they are merely their 'enhanced' selves.

Unveiling Pokémon Mechanics
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As fascinating as this theory may sound, it brings up a fundamental question about the nature of evolution. Is Pokemon evolution predominantly physical, or is it a more profound, inherent change, reflecting on their abilities and strengths?

Reconstructing the Evolution Process

The evolution from a weak, untrained creature to a powerful, unbeatable force seems more about the enhancement of a Pokemon’s faculties rather than transformation into a different being. This implies that the inherent identity remains unchanged and merely evolves.

Considering this, the evolved Pokemon are the same as their earlier forms but with improved battle capabilities and strengths. Essentially, the evolution reflects a Pokemon's growth, honed from countless battles and experiences, and not merely a random transformation induced by a level increase.

These evolved creatures still remember their past tricks, attacks, and techniques, substantiating this theory of inherent evolution. The familiarity with the previous self remains intact, and they still recognize their trainers post-evolution, just like a dog remembers its master despite getting stronger or learning new tricks.

This paints an intriguing picture - Pokemon evolution isn't a metamorphosis but an enhancement of the existing abilities, honed from numerous battles and constant training. Gaining new skills or developing strengths doesn't mean the Pokemon becomes a new being; it merely grows into a stronger version of itself.


This new theory brings an entirely different perspective on Pokemon evolution, painting it not as a transformation but as a profound growth process of enhancing innate abilities and faculties. The Pokemon creatures do not morph into different beings but merely enhance their inherent strengths and abilities honed from consecutive battles and training.

In a nutshell, Pokemon evolution is not a fusion of different forms, but an intense growth process wherein creatures develop into superior versions of themselves, retaining their innate memories and emotional connect with their trainers.

This theory aligns perfectly with the essence of the Pokemon world - continuous growth, constant challenges, and the spirit of perseverance. It metaphorically portrays the journey of a Pokemon trainer - start humble, learn, grow, battle, evolve, and conquer the arena, but never lose their inherent identity.

Just like the game itself, Pokemon evolution conveys an essential life lesson - growth and evolution are inherent processes that do not require us to lose our past but instead learn and evolve from it to become the best version of ourselves.