Legendary Pokemon in Newer games

Exploring the debate surrounding the value of Legendary Pokemon in newer versions of the franchise.

The Enigma of Legendary Pokemon

When playing the original Pokemon games, coming across a Legendary Pokemon was a thrilling and unexpected experience. These Pokemon had unique abilities, impressive power and were hard to catch. Capturing them was a true test of a player's skill and strategy.

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However, in the newer games, many players feel these legendary creatures are being handed out too casually. This, in turn, decreases their value, making Legendary Pokemon less 'legendary'. This article focuses on this shift in perceived value and the factors contributing to this change.

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The first factor that influences the perceived devaluation of Legendary Pokemon is the increased ease with which they can be obtained. In the original games, a player could go through the entire game without encountering a single one. Nowadays, however, they are handed out as part of the story.

The Role of Legendary Pokemon in Storylines

The storylines of newer Pokemon games have been structured in such a way that Legendary Pokemon have a certain role to play. These Pokemon are often central to the game's plot, transforming them from elusive creatures to necessary tools for progression.

This necessity shatters the mystery and charm that once surrounded them. It's like revealing the secret behind a magic trick - once you know how it's done, the magic is gone.

Subsequently, the extra effort and strategy required to capture these mighty beasts in the past added to their value. This has now been starkly contrasted with the modern game era, where Legendary Pokemon are gifted as a part of the storyline progression.

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Legendary Pokemon were once a testament to a player's skill, but they've now been reduced to plot devices that have to be captured for the game to move forward.

Excessive Abundance of Legendary Pokemon

Another factor contributing to this shift in perception is the sheer number of Legendary Pokemon available in newer games. In the initial versions of the game, there were only a handful of Legendary Pokemon. Each of these Pokemon was unique in their own right and were thus considered genuinely special.

Presently, the introduction of new Legendary Pokemon with each version of the game has saturated the landscape. Players, now have too many options to choose from, which further dilutes their special status.

Furthermore, older Pokemon games' Legendary Pokemon were ramped up with superior stats and special abilities. This, coupled with their rarity, made it enthralling to play. Sadly, this aspect has been lost in the newer versions.

The scarcity and the power of a Legendary Pokemon were what made it truly legendary. The inundation of these Pokemon into the games makes them seem less unique and dilutes their significance.

A Shift in Battle Dynamics

The dynamics of battles in Pokemon games have also vastly changed over the years. In the original games, having a Legendary Pokemon in your team truly made a difference. They were much more powerful compared to regular Pokemon and could easily shift the tide of a battle in your favor.

In newer games, however, the overall power of regular Pokemon has increased. This makes the use of Legendary Pokemon in battles less impactful since their unique capabilities can now be matched by other Pokemon.

Before, a Legendary Pokemon’s power was unique, giving players an edge in battles. Presently, catching common Pokemon with similar capabilities level the playing field, making Legendary Pokemon's presence in a team less potent.

Thus, the thrill of capturing a Legendary Pokemon to enhance your team power has lost its charisma. This further amplifies the argument that the Legendary Pokemon has lost its value and uniqueness in newer games.


While the charm and mystique of Legendary Pokemon have been dulled, they still remain a core part of the Pokemon games. Whether they are plot devices, battle champions, or simply collectibles, their existence brings excitement into the journey of every Pokemon Trainer.

Pokemon games have evolved tremendously over the past years. As with every adaptation, not all changes may seem positive. The perceived downgrading of Legendary Pokemon is indicative of this sentiment.

Maybe, we need to shift our lens, embracing the new versions of the game, appreciating the transformation for what it is, an evolution of the Pokemon universe. After all, changes are integral, to keep any franchise thriving for years.

Despite the shift in perception, for many players, the thrill of capturing and having a Legendary Pokemon in their team will always hold a special place in their gaming heart.