Pokemon Go Players Seek Option to Delete Eggs

Pokemon Go players suggest a modification to the egg system in the game; an option to delete eggs. Gaming Feature Requests: <a href='https://thegamerchronicles.com/pokemon alt='Pokemon'>Pokemon</a> Go Players Seek New Feature

In the popular mobile game Pokemon Go, trainers can discard pretty much anything they encounter

In the popular mobile game Pokemon Go, trainers can discard pretty much anything they encounter. This includes sending Pokemon away for candy or throwing various Potions in the trash to make room for more Poke Balls. However, the one thing they can't delete is Eggs - meaning they must hatch every single one, regardless of preference.

Now, players of this mobile game have expressed a desire for Niantic, the game's developer, to incorporate the ability to delete eggs into the game's system.

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Pokemon Go Players Seek New Feature

Shared on September 12, 2023, gaming enthusiasts voiced their concerns about the inability to remove eggs from their inventories. One user expressed frustration, "I hatch a 10k [egg], I spin a stop and it gives me another 10k. I know incubators are a major source of their income… but we should be able to delete eggs by now. This is so dumb,", they commented.

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Hundreds of users from the gaming community flooded in to share their thoughts, with some even indicating which Pokemon they're fed up with seeing hatch from these 10 KM Eggs. "Yup. I’m honestly more annoyed about hatching the 30 eggs than doing the 60 raids", one user replied.

Among the other remarks was a user stating, "Definitely agree. They just want us to keep spending money", and another sharing, "I walk 3-4 miles a day and hatching 10km eggs to get another stupid Rockruff is annoying".

The Future of the Feature in the Game

However, it remains unclear if Niantic will ever introduce the option to delete eggs to the game's system. But on the brighter side, since they rolled out the much-wanted Ready button for raids, some players, especially those who are passionate about gaming, still harbor hope.