Anticipation Builds for Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Trainer’s Goodbye Tour Ahead of Teal Mask DLC Launch

A Pokemon Scarlet & Violet trainer carries out a farewell tour with their Gimmighoul on Paldea, before the release of the highly-anticipated Teal Mask expansion on Kitakami.

As the much-awaited Teal Mask expansion for Pokemon Scarlet & Violet is nearing its launch, one trainer takes an important step before departure. The trainer tours their Gimmighoul partner around Paldea to bid farewell to their Gimmighoul relatives across the island, gearing up for their upcoming journey to Kitakami.

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Upcoming Release of Teal Mask Expansion

The Teal Mask expansion is scheduled to release on 13th September, 2023. This much-anticipated DLC takes users outside the vast island of Paldea to a new land – Kitakami. This signifies the first-time exploration of an entirely new area since the Gen 9 launch.

Anticipation Builds for Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Trainer’s Goodbye Tour Ahead of Teal Mask DLC Launch ImageAlt

Final Goodbye to Paldea

As part of the departure, the trainer made a post where they detailed how they are gearing up for the journey to Kitakami and saying “goodbye” to the Gimmighoul family on Paldea. They mentioned, “In 3 days we leave for Kitakami. We travelled so he can say goodbye to his cousins.”

Undergoing this journey underlines their attachment to their Gimmighoul partner. The trainer sent out their Gimmighoul to interact with other wild Gimmighoul in Roaming and Chest Form, wishing them well before embarking on the Kitakami journey.

Members of the community were captivated by the adorable goodbye tour across Paldea. Many of them did not realize that the DLC's release is so soon, with one individual commenting, “I did not realize the expansion was so close.”

Transition to Kitakami

Others in the community posed questions about the logistics of the DLC, pondering whether they would remain on Kitakami for the duration of the expansion, or if they could move freely between Paldea and Kitakami.

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Fortunately, it’s highly likely that trainers will be able to return to Paldea anytime they like, similar to the Isle of Armor expansion from Sword & Shield.

Adventure Awaits in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet’s DLC

With less time on hand, trainers should begin preparing for Kitakami before the official launch of the Pokemon Scarlet & Violet’s DLC on September 13.

The wait for the adventure in a new land is almost over.