Pokemon Go Adds Unique Costumes for Halloween

The Pokemon Go's recent Halloween update, with a range of unique new costumes, has sparked various reactions among the gaming community.

The recently released Halloween update for Pokemon Go carries an exciting selection of unique new costumes, spurring a huge range of responses among the game's vast community.

Pokemon Go is preparing for a significant Halloween celebration this year, and it's not exclusively the Pokemon who are getting into the Halloween spirit.

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Players might encounter a Pikachu dressed in a Tricks & Treats costume, or perhaps a Vulpix displaying a Spooky Festival look. Some might even come across a Piplup sporting a Halloween Mischief outfit. However, the fun extends beyond these findable characters.

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The trainers themselves now have the option to participate in the Halloween festivities by purchasing special avatar items and stickers during the event. Some of these unique in-store items, though, have left some members of the Pokemon Go community puzzled.

A trainer shared their confusion about the new avatar style options on an online forum. Comically expressing their bewilderment, they posted an image of the new styles with a caption: 'I’m sorry, but what is this?'

The image exhibited the player trying on the new Yamask Mask, priced reasonably at 200 coins. What really pulled the community's attention was the wildly unusual Cofagrigus Costume, available for a slightly steeper fee.

Reactions to these additions were, at the very least, varied. Some players playfully described the new costume as 'Nightmare fuel'. Others were instantly captivated, praising it as 'Perfection' or exclaiming, 'That’s the best thing I’ve seen all day. That’s what that is.'

The Halloween-themed outfit showcased a shiny Yamask Mask, coupled with a complete Cofagrigus ensemble that glistened in opulent gold. Additionally, an extra pair of shadowy limbs, similar to those of Cofagrigus, emerged from the avatar's back.

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Currently, all five of the exclusive style options are available in Pokemon Go:

  • Yamask Mask: 200 Coins
  • Cofagrigus Costume: 400 Coins
  • Cofagrigus Head: 200 Coins
  • Phantump Head: 200 Coins
  • Graveyard Wig: 200 Coins

But the Halloween event isn’t solely about dressing up. Trainers can expect an assortment of activities, including the introduction of Shiny Zorua and enhanced Candy rewards. Also, specialised timed research tasks and exclusive in-game shop bundles will be accessible throughout the event.

Furthermore, collaboration with Amazon Prime Gaming allows trainers to access special avatar items and more. The event offers unique bonuses, raid updates, and new Pokestop showcases to keep players across all levels engaged.

With the wide array of offerings, there's unquestionably something that appeals to every player this Halloween, irrespective of their opinion on the most recent costumes populating the in-game store.