Fuslie, 100 Thieves Streamer, Reveals Childhood Incident Caused by Pokemon Fandom

100 Theives streamer Fuslie tells the story of how her love for Pokemon almost cost her an eye when she was a child.

Fuslie, a streamer for 100 Thieves, recently surprised Valkyrae and ExtraEmily with a story from her childhood about how her love for Pokemon nearly cost her an eye.

Pokemon holds a special place in the hearts of many globally as this iconic franchise has become a staple in pop culture. Its impact is especially pronounced among those who grew up watching the television series, Fuslie included.

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How a Pokemon episode led to a near-tragic incident

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Fuslie shared her captivating tale while on a stream with fellow content creators Valkyrae and ExtraEmily.

The streamer narrated how she was running late for the premiere of a new Pokemon episode. In her rush, she dashed across her house, blanket in tow. She then slipped on her blanket, dashing headfirst into the corner of her mother's bed.

"I slip on my blanket and I fall full force into the corner of my mom's bed. Just like boom, hits my eye, I black out and then I hear my mom screaming. She's like 'ahhhh!' I'm just like blacked out, and I get up and there's just blood dripping on my hands. I look in the mirror, and there's a giant hole in my face and there's just blood dripping down my face."

A lucky escape

Fuslie was fortunate enough to escape this gruesome incident with just stitches, although the doctor remarked on how she was 'so lucky' that the impact hadn't hit her eye directly, as that would've resulted in loss of vision.

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While she did miss the Pokemon episode airing that day, she was able to continue her childhood love for the series - with care taken to avoid any similar incidents in the future.