A Rare Catch in Pokemon Go

A tale of persistence and luck, a Pokemon Go player beats the odds to capture a 'hundo' Darkrai, a powerful and rare Pokemon, after 118 tireless attempts.

One ‘Pokemon Go’ player recently stunned the community when they showcased a rare ‘hundo’ that they had managed to capture during a remote raid following 118 attempts.

The thrill of the game for most enthusiasts lies in the pursuit of capturing the potent Pokemon. The game offers engaging content like Shadow and Elite raids, challenging players to have a reasonably robust Pokemon team at hand.

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Among the game's community, those who manage to chance upon ‘Hundos’—Pokemon with a 4-star evaluation—are often met with much jubilation and admiration. The term ‘Hundo’ is a name given to any Pokemon with perfect stats.

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An instance of this fortitude was exhibited when a player devoted 118 attempts over four years, to ensnare a Legendary Hundo.

Snaring a Powerful Darkrai in 118 Attempts

A player referred to as PrestyRS took to an online forum to share his accomplishment of finally securing a 'Hundo' Darkrai. Following a late-night remote raid, the Hundo Darkrai symbolized the fruit of 118 attempts.

PrestyRS shared a visual documenting of their exploits, which included a collection of Shiny Darkrai as well. The prized hundo Darkrai boasted a CP (combat power) of 2136, making it one of the most potent in the game.

Enthusiasts applauded the player's grit in pursuit of this achievement. One member of the community noted that such feats warrant a celebration, emphasizing the zeal required.

The Rarity Factor in Pokemon Go

Many fellow players chimed in, calling it a stroke of good fortune as the Darkrai was a rare appearance, thereby making 118 attempts seem less challenging.

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On the flip side, many wondered how it was feasible to launch so many raid attempts to catch a singular Pokemon.

PrestyRS explained how they came by so many raid attempts. Apparently, Darkrai has been a part of the raids for more than four years, and PrestyRS, along with fellow players, were involved in a weekly raid walk.

The Strategy Behind Success

The weekly escapades often involve 10-20 raids, with PrestyRS typically participating in 5 remote raids per day, along with a few regular ones as well as part of their daily routine.

Financial support in the game came from purchased Raid Passes, especially when good bundles were available. Occasionally, community ambassadors would also contribute free passes.

While this level of commitment may not appeal to every Pokemon Go enthusiast, it's evident that PrestyRS’ vigorous efforts were rewarded. After 118 attempts over four years, they caught the elusive ‘hundo’ Darkrai.