Pokemon Go Shiny Colors Under Fire from Players

Recently, various Pokemon Go players expressed their dissatisfaction regarding the Shiny colors employed for the Chansey line during the Chansey Community Day event. This comprehensive article examines their complaints.

The iconic video game series, Pokemon, has a long-standing tradition of using shiny colors to designate specific rare avatars or "mons" for players. On some occasions, these shiny colors seem to make complete sense, however, on others, they have left players in utter disbelief, particularly when the colors are too close to the base form of the mons in question.

Interestingly enough, the decision of the Pokemon game creators is most frustrating when a Pokemon's evolution stage features an appalling shiny form. This fear can discourage players from evolving their shiny Pokemons, as they worry that the visually appealing Pokemon they have battled hard for might end up transforming into something absolutely unattractive.

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The most recent Pokemon drawing the fans' wrath is Chansey, which was highlighted during the Pokemon Go Community Day event. This event saw a surge in spawn rates for Chansey and encounters with its evolution, Blissey, granting fans increased chances to encounter a Shiny version of these elusive Pokemon.

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Pokemon Go Players Criticize Chansey's Shiny Form

A conversation started on an online forum by an anonymous user aimed at criticizing the choice of shiny colors for the Chansey. The basis for this criticism is that the shiny form of Chansey transits from pink to green, while Happiny and Blissey merely change to another shade of pink in their shiny forms.

One user expressed their confusion stating, "When I evolved my Shiny Chansey I had to do a double-take because I thought I mistakenly evolved a regular one,” adding, “The difference between normal and Shiny Blissey is practically nothing."

Another user chimed in on the topic: “This whole line is so bizarre,” they wrote, “Happiny has a great Shiny. Chansey turns puke green. Then Blissey looks almost indistinguishable from regular.”

A member of the discussion highlighted the inconsistent nature of the Pokemon's evolution, "Chansey was created first in 1996, Blissey came in 1999, and Happiny came out later in 2006. Not sure who is in charge of the shinies at Game Freak, but they need to make sure any newer mons have shinies that are easy to spot and at least somewhat consistent in their color schemes.”

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Deciphering the Shiny Pokemon Phenomenon

It is unclear to most players how The Pokemon Company decides on the shiny colors for Pokemon, as there appears to be no consistent pattern amongst the 'mons. Unfortunately, this lack of pattern permits the possibility of even cool Pokemons being plagued with a dud Shiny.

The Chansey line is a prime victim of this variation, as its evolution is an unappealing shade of green. However, visual distinction is its saving grace. In contrast, its evolution's shiny form is so unremarkable that players ensnare their Shiny Chansey with an Eviolite in a bid to stall its evolution.

Ultimately, it seems that the choice in shiny colors for the mons is at the total discretion of the game creators with little consideration for player preferences. This issue doesn't appear to be a major one but it warrants players’ attention and discussion. However, it remains to be seen whether the creators will heed these concerns in future updates.

In conclusion, it would be more fascinating for the players if the shiny colors consistently aligned with the base forms of the mons or were completely different, as it would make them more distinctive. But for now, they have to make do with the colors that the developers deem fit for their favorite Pokemon.