Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Players' Grievances With The Teal Mask DLC

Players of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet who use The Teal Mask DLC have expressed dissatisfaction with the Pokedex, preferring new and returning monsters not from the base game to be included.

The Hidden Treasure of Area Zero in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

The Hidden Treasure of Area Zero in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet is a high-quality two-part DLC gaming release of which the first episode, The Teal Mask, has recently dropped on the eShop. In the world of games, excitement is building up as the second chapter, The Indigo Disk, is projected to be launched at an undisclosed date towards the end of 2023.

A Trip to Kitakami

The Teal Mask sends gaming enthusiasts on a school trip to Kitakami, a peaceful mountainous area bursting with opportunities to make new friends and encounter new monsters. Yet, this journey is not just a fun-filled gaming exploit. The perceived scarcity of added monsters, or lack thereof, has left some players dissatisfied with the gaming experience in these new games.

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A prevalent complaint among gaming enthusiasts about The Teal Mask DLC is the monotony over the Pokedex. Some players feel that base game monsters featured in the DLC Pokedex are becoming repetitive, detracting from the high-quality gaming experience. They would prefer instead to explore Pokemon that are not present in Paldea, rather than encounter monsters that can be found in the base game of the Pokemon games.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Players

Continuing the criticism of the Pokedex, the players desire a roster of 125, consisting only of new and returning monsters not from the base game, as opposed to the current Pokedex featuring 200 monsters. Players are expressing this frustration in comments, with one gaming enthusiast saying, 'Yeah I agree. Add more new mons than a bunch of ones already available in the base game.'

The Counter-Argument

However, not everyone agrees, with some players holding that there is a logical reason the Scarlet and Violet DLC Pokedex includes base game monsters. These the pro gamers suggest that realistic geographies may feature a cross-over in monster population. As one commenter pointed out, 'Some animals live in multiple regions in real life, so why wouldn’t it be the same in the Pokemon world?'

Another experienced gamer agreed with the fact that overlaps could be expected in such high-quality games. The gamer stated, 'Realistically, it makes sense that two different areas would have an overlap in available Pokemon.' Nevertheless, users such as the original critic want more value for their payment for the DLC, opposed to re-experiencing what was already in the base game.

It remains to be seen how this gaming discussion will take a turn, especially once The Indigo Disk, the anticipated game is launched later in 2023.