Enduring Challenges in Pokemon Go

Reviewing some of the most persistent special research tasks in Pokemon Go that have left players with unfinished challenges

With a multitude of Special Research tasks to tackle in Pokemon Go, numerous players have inevitably set tasks aside for later completion. As a result, multiple users have 'shaming' tasks that have lingered over time.

Since the launch of Pokemon Go over seven years ago, numerous players have participated in the game's system for lengthened periods. The experience of long-term players provides an in-depth understanding of the game's dynamics, including its specialized tasks.

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Whether you started playing the game in 2016 or later, you have likely encountered the Pokemon Go Special Research Tasks. These tasks can be tackled at any time, even if they may take a few years to complete. This feature provides a leisurely challenge that sustains player engagement over time.

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Given this arrangement, numerous Pokemon enthusiasts still have tasks left unfinished from previous years, particularly the more difficult ones. Recently, these 'shaming' tasks have sparked discussions among many players, reminiscing about these longest-lasting challenges.

Most Difficult Special Research Tasks in Pokemon Go

One Reddit user recently shared a post, voicing out the common woes of players by asking, “Anybody else shamed by really old special research tasks you never completed?”

This question elicited a flood of responses as Pokemon Go enthusiasts joined in the discussion. Players shared their individual struggles and collectively recalled some of the toughest tasks they faced over the years.

A commonly discussed task included the simple directive “Take a snapshot of Landorus.” Many players had difficulties with this task due to Landorus' rarity, making it a significant challenge to capture an image of the creature.

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Players resonated with this experience, as evidenced by one user's comment, “Omg I’m stuck on this exact step!” Further expressing their frustrations, another user shared, “Me too! I feel like they have every Pokémon in raids but Landorus.”

Unresolved Tasks in Pokemon Go

There is a wide range of other tasks that continue to stump players as well. For instance, one individual shared, “I can’t beat Team Go Rocket leaders or Giovanni.” Meanwhile, someone else shared a common struggle, “I really don’t get how people are catching hundreds of dittos - I just need ONE.”

Some players professed their exhaustion with the grueling challenges. A seasoned player remarked, “The level 45 requirements are the bane of my existence. I still have 28 Leader battles to go, which means another 168 grunt battles. Ugh.”

In the spirit of camaraderie, another Pokemon Go player chimed in, “I do have old missions like this, but I just close them so I don’t have to look at them. I don’t feel shamed, but I do feel annoyed.”

The constant influx of new tasks can undeniably become overwhelming at times. However, we are always here to provide guidance for you. In recent times, we’ve covered some of the events and their tasks. These include the Pokemon Go Winter Holiday event as well as the Pokemon Go Frosty Festivities event.