Imagining National Pokémon Representations for Different Countries

Online participants engage in a creative discussion around considering unique Pokémon as representations for various countries, based on attributes and characteristics.

Online Discussion on National Pokémon

Recently, an online platform called 'Pokémon subreddit' saw an exciting and imaginative discussion relating to the Pokémon universe. Users across the globe presented their diverse viewpoints on designating a unique Pokémon to represent their respective nations, considering their particular attributes and characteristics.

Connecting Pokémon with National Symbols and Icons

Participants involved in this conversation were asked to associate their countries with one Pokémon that came to their minds while thinking of their national symbols and cultural values. This initiative fostered an enthusiastic debate among the participants, revealing the world's affinity and deep connection with the Pokémon franchise.

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The Criteria for Their Choices

The parameters for selection varied among the participants. Some participants considered the physical appearance of the Pokémon, others regarded the skills and capabilities, while some selected based on Pokémon behaviours that resonated with their countries.

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Examples of Chosen Pokémon and Countries

For instance, some users representing the United States suggested Braviary, a Normal/Flying-type Pokémon, due to its resemblance to a bald eagle - a powerful emblem of the country. Similarly, some users assigned Lapras, a Water/Ice type Pokémon, to Canada given its association with cold weather and water bodies.


The thread indeed became a stimulating and entertaining platform, illustrating the creative blending of culture, pride, and a fascination for Pokémon. The international participation also highlighted the global popularity of the Pokémon franchise, demonstrating once again that Pokémon holds a special place across cultures.