Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Players Disappointed by Underwhelming Performance Specs

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet players are dissatisfied with the minimum performance specs of the game's latest DLC, despite new content additions.

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet: New Content and Performance Issues

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet introduced new content including the Teal Mask DLC expansion, new Pokémon, and enhancements to the base game with its 2.0.1 patch update. The Hidden Treasure of Area Zero allows gaming enthusiasts to hunt for new and old fan-favourite Pokemon, including Snorlax, Yanma, and Duskull, which are all making their first appearance in Scarlet & Violet.

However, not all players have had a positive gaming experience in their journey to capture their first Cutiefly or Hoothoot. Reports suggest that some players have encountered issues, such as freezing and poor graphics, that have significantly marred their games.

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Unresolved Performance Issues

While many players are enjoying the new content, numerous others are disgruntled that Nintendo continues to neglect the game's performance. Some have aired their dissatisfaction with how the DLC operates, highlighting issues such as freezing, irregular camera movements, and FPS dips while playing the Teal Mask DLC. This collective frustration stems from the fact that despite ample time and opportunity, the performance issues remain unresolved. Comments indicate that while the base game works adequately, significant lag is noticeable in the DLC area.

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Further feedback suggests that during one trainer battle, there was a noticeable drop in frame rate. Additionally, certain areas such as mountains and fields exhibited severe lags, impacting the overall gaming experience.

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Many game enthusiasts who hadn't yet purchased the DLC expressed their appreciation for those who forewarned them of these problems. Numerous potential buyers reconsidered their decision to purchase the expansion due to these performance issues. Some even speculated that if the DLC mirrored the 'empty and soulless' main game, alongside persistent performance issues and bugs, they would refrain from buying it.

The biggest disappointment among players seems to stem from the fact that the Pokemon Company had ample time to address these known performance issues within this new area. The company's failure to meet even the minimum performance expectations with the new DLC has sparked widespread discontent among Pokemon players. Several pointed out that given it's a smaller area, it should exert less strain on the system, making it unacceptable for it to run just as poorly as the main game.