Cat Gains Popularity After Playing Pokemon Go on Tiktok

A cat goes viral on Tiktok after playing the famous mobile game, Pokemon Go, where it was able to successfully capture a Weedle.

A cat playing Pokemon Go became viral on TikTok after it was able to capture a Weedle, a character in the game.

Pokemon Go, which was launched in 2016, quickly surged in popularity. The mobile game has sustained its appeal thanks to its accessibility, allowing players to play the game easily on their mobile devices.

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The game features various cat-themed Pokemon characters, but the game developers probably did not expect that actual cats would be the ones to become the next best Pokemon trainers. This unexpected idea came to life as an adorable kitten quickly became viral after a video of it playing the game was posted.

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Cat that Plays Pokemon Go Captivates Audiences

A TikTok user shared a video showcasing a cat lying on a bed adorably using its paws to navigate through the mobile Pokemon game. The video has quickly gained a large following, with over a million views and one hundred thousand likes on the platform.

The cat is shown skillfully throwing multiple Poke balls in an attempt to catch pocket monsters on the screen, finally succeeding in capturing Weedle.

This cat's successful capture of a Weedle character led to a slew of hilarious reactions from users. One user commented, 'He’s better than me.' Another remarked, “Literally an auto-cat-cher.” A different user chimed in with, “All fun until they accidentally use the master ball.”

Considering many Pokemon Go players have become experts in the game, the cat has a lot of room for improvement if it plans to catch up with these experienced trainers. Nevertheless, it will surely be exciting to see if the cat continues to improve its skills, or if there are any other pets out there with a knack for playing Pokemon Go.

Other instances of animals playing games have also surfaced on social media, such as a Bonobo ape that learned how to play Minecraft.

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