New Pokemon Go Auto-Catch Device Resembles Apple Watch

Discover how Pokemon Go's newest auto-catching device seemingly mirrors the design of Apple's Watch Ultra. Explore the response from users and implications.

A recent launch in the world of Pokemon Go sees a strikingly familiar design - an auto-catching device that is almost a twin to the Apple Watch Ultra.

Ever since Pokemon Go hit our screens in 2016, an array of companies have been introducing a slew of auto-catcher inventions. These devices have revolutionized the way users catch Pokemon, allowing automatic ball throws at Pokemon spawns nearby.

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These devices, often sported on the wrist or as part of a keychain, have gained popularity amongst the gaming community. However, one company - Go-tcha, has emerged as a prominent name in this niche market.

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Their latest device is sure to turn heads, particularly those of the Apple fraternity, keeping design aesthetic strikingly similar to those of the Apple Watch Ultra.

The Go-tcha Stealth: A Lookalike of the Apple Watch

Unveiled to the wider world on November 20, 2023, the Go-tcha Stealth boasts a design that could be easily mistaken for a smartwatch. In fact, it slightly resembles Apple's own offering, with similar features and aesthetic appeal.

A limited-edition wave of just 50,000 discounted preorders was announced, which sold out within a day. The popularity of the device seems to be soaring, akin to its twin, the Apple Watch Ultra.

If you're someone who fancies the Apple Watch Ultra, the Go-tcha Stealth will definitely catch your attention. From its sleek aluminum body to its familiar fastenings, it is a mirror image of Apple's premium smartwatch.

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The design elements aren’t the only common factors between the two. Both watches are compatible with various watch band sizes, from 41mm, 45mm, and 49mm.

Dressing Up Your Go-tcha Stealth

With band compatibility, users can use almost all of Apple’s offerings on the Go-tcha Stealth, adding an even higher quality feel to this already impressive device.

Following the device's reveal, it did not take long for Pokemon Go players to take to social media to comment on the resemblance between the Go-tcha Stealth and Apple's Watch Ultra.

From praises for its fashionable semblance to Apple's watch to questions about potential legal implications, the reaction was as varied as it was immediate.

Public Reaction & Potential Legal Implications

Among the comments noted after the revealing of the Go-tcha Stealth, several Apple enthusiasts and Pokemon Go players could not help but compare the two devices.

While some enjoyed its chic design, others raised questions of potential legal action. Expressions of surprise and awe were fairly common amidst talks of potential copyright infringement.

Interestingly, while apprehensions for potential legal action making rounds, Apple hasn't responded yet to the appearance of this lookalike device. Only time will tell how this situation develops, and if there will be any implications for the Go-tcha Stealth.

Until then, the gaming world will continue to see the introduction of innovative devices that blend technology with style, just like the Apple Watch Ultra and now, the Go-tcha Stealth.