Innovative Starfield Player Designs Pokemon-Themed Ship

A Starfield player demonstrates clever use of game's tools to create a ship styled after Bulbasaur from Pokemon. The unique design has received much attention from the online community.

Unlocking Creativity with Starfield's Ship-Building Tools

Using the innovative ship-building tools found in Starfield, players have been able to unleash their creativity in the realm of gaming. Several user-generated designs have already made a splash online, with ship designs inspired by Batman’s Batwing, the Millenium Falcon, and Mass Effect’s Normandy. A noteworthy gaming exploit involved a player employing AI to build an “unbeatable ship”, its distinct design making it a tough challenge in games to shoot down. However, creativity in Starfield is seemingly boundless. A recently shared build making a stir took inspiration from a popular Pokemon.

Pokemon-Themed Bulbasaur Ship

One gaming enthusiast shared a screenshot of a showstopper ship design on the games forum, attributed to YouTuber CurtisBuilds. The design had a unique twist as it was modeled after Bulbasaur, a popular Gen-1 grass/poison-type Pokemon.

The Evolution of the Pokémon Gaming Experience
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Just like its inspiration, the Starfield ship portrayed is blue at the bottom and green on top, the shape spread out like a frog on all fours. This unmistakable Bulbasaur influence is definitely an eye-catcher in the world of gaming.

Innovative Starfield Player Designs Pokemon-Themed Ship ImageAlt

Praises and Frustrations

Unsurprisingly, several players in the Starfield games forum admired the Bulbasaur ship build. One user praised the design saying, 'Okay this is so sick, I need to step up my game here!' Another comment read, 'By a landslide, this is the coolest ship I’ve seen yet.'

Conversely, others expressed their frustration comparing their ship-building skills with these artistic victories. One player quipped, 'I feel so frustrated that I can’t even modify my Achilles because I feel like I’ll screw up the modifications, yet people out here are making Gundams out of Pokemon.'

Future Inspirations

The Bulbasaur ship build along with the outpouring of creativity seen from players is expected to further inspire individuals to bring more characters from Pokemon to the world of Starfield. With such innovative and experimental gameplay, the possibilities of what can be created truly seem limitless in the universe of games.