Ubisoft Executive Producer Announces XDefiant's Release Date

Ubisoft Executive Producer Mark Rubin has announced a release date for XDefiant, but there are growing concerns about the game's potential clash with the Modern Warfare 3 beta.

Ubisoft's XDefiant Faces Potential Clash with Modern Warfare 3 Beta

Ubisoft's Executive Producer Mark Rubin has announced the release window for XDefiant, raising concerns about a possible clash with the Modern Warfare 3 beta.

XDefiant: A Brief Overview

XDefiant is a free-to-play, first-person arena shooter developed by Ubisoft. The game made a commanding first impression in the gaming community during its open beta phase in June. It surpassed Call of Duty in Twitch viewership and received high praise for its map design.

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Despite the apparent competition, Ubisoft's Mark Rubin dismissed any rivalry with Call of Duty. He stated, “This game will not “kill” Call of Duty. Only Call of Duty can kill Call of Duty. This will be a game for those who want someone else to play that is similar to Call of Duty.”

Ubisoft Executive Producer Announces XDefiant

Assuming a comparison, XDefiant had the early advantage. Modern Warfare 3 is set to release worldwide on November 10th, giving XDefiant a head start as it was originally scheduled to release in late summer. However, unforeseen setbacks pushed back XDefiant's launch, potentially overlapping with the dates for the Modern Warfare 3 beta.

XDefiant's Development and Upcoming Challenges

On September 11, Rubin provided a long-awaited update on XDefiant’s development process. The game did not pass its initial submission in late July, and the development team has spent the past month working towards resubmission, expected to happen within the next two weeks.

The outcome of the resubmission will determine whether XDefiant will be released mid-to-late September or early-to-mid October. Modern Warfare 3 private beta dates start on October 6 and end with an open beta from October 14-16. XDefiant players have warned the developers about the risk of competing head-to-head with such an industry giant.

Call of Duty reporter Keshav Bhat questioned how the simultaneous release will work out for XDefiant. Similarly, Warzone content creator FaZe Swagg pointed out that it was 'not smart' on the part of XDefiant's developers. Call of Duty community member RaidAway added that despite Ubisoft’s previous assertions about not being a competitor to Call of Duty, the natural reality is different.

Only time will reveal whether Ubisoft’s XDefiant will endure the test of time or become overshadowed by the release of Modern Warfare 3.

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