Warzone Players Share Their Preferred Map in Season 5

In Warzone Season 5, players are debating over whether the Vondel or Ashika map reigns supreme. This article dives into the discussion of map preferences among the Warzone community.

With the roll out of Warzone Season 5, new adjustments particularly on maps and weapons have yielded fresh player discussions. This has particularly sprung up debate as to which resurgence map between Vondel and Ashika Isalnd is considered top-tier, taking into account all the balance changes affecting the gameplay of each map.

So, which map has been a hit among the community? The water-themed Vondel or the Japanese-inspired Ashika Island?

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Ashika Over Vondel?

One community member queried the Warzone community, expressing favor for Vondel over Ashika. The debate flourished as another player commented, stating preference for Ashika Island over Vondel unless they were dropping at the museum.

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The discussion continued to heat up with more players sharing their thoughts on the topic. While some felt that Ashika was ultimately superior, others felt otherwise.

The dialog did not only surround the overall map preference but dove into specific aspects of each map. For instance, mixed feelings arose on Vondel map's water element and how it impacted the gameplay, specifically players' reliance on the FTAC to camp and achieve easy underwater kills.

A participant in the discussion showed disdain for the water aspect commenting "The water aspect in MWIIimo is just not that great." Hints of annoyance dripped from another player's complaint on the overuse of the FTAC. According to the player, “Like you said, there's always some mf just chilling with an FTAC. All the water maps are my least favorite.”

Other Maps in Warzone 2 Season 5

Fort Resurgence is another map that joined the fray with Warzone 2 Season 5. Although excluded from this discussion, it has sparked its own intriguing conversations within the community. Interestingly, some players have publicly expressed their points of view on its performance. For instance, prominent streamer, Swagg, labeled the map design as “lazy” sparking further varying opinions among players.