Activision Issues Cease and Desist Over Unauthorized Verdansk Warzone Map Restart

Publishing giant, Activision, has taken action against unauthorized attempts to reboot the Verdansk Warzone map.

Activision is making moves to halt an unauthorized operation attempting to re-invigorate the immensely popular Verdansk Warzone map. The publishing titan has already handed down a cease and desist order to one individual who was sharing access.

Verdansk was the main Battle Royale (BR) map when Warzone was first launched 2020. The landscape quickly garnered a dedicated following and was replaced by newer maps in the rotation that left players aghast.

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Attempts to Revive Verdansk

Despite shifts to Warzone 2, and the anticipated release of Modern Warfare 3, Verdansk has remained inaccessible. At present, the only sanctioned way to access it is through Modern Warfare's (2019) offline modes or via early Warzone Mobile tests.

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Some community members have taken it upon themselves to restore Verdansk to its former glory, albeit without explicit approval from the developers. Activision has now slapped a cease and desist order on one such individual after they tried to grant access to the popular BR map, in 2023.

Several Twitter posts in recent weeks, from 'HeyImAlaix', have shown images and video footage of Verdansk back in action. They also provided links for others to join, organizing private matches with up to 20 participants.

Protecting Intellectual Property

Given this form of access is not sanctioned by Activision, the company has now moved to remove it all. Alaix revealed they have been hit with a cease and desist as of September 15th due to their efforts.

Substantial and irreparable harm to the value and integrity of Activision's products and services is the result of the sale, distribution, and use of the Cracks, read one part of the order.

Reacting in a statement to CharlieIntel, Activision was quoted as saying: 'Our content represents the passionate work of our remarkable development teams. We deeply appreciate the enthusiasm, but it is necessary for us to protect and preserve Call of Duty , and the incredible developers who create it, from unauthorized use.'

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The Risk of Unauthorized Maps

For those seeking to experience Verdansk in full force by any means, it would be prudent to think twice before participating in any unauthorized or 'cracked' version of the game.

Despite the fact that an entirely new BR map is being unveiled with Modern Warfare 3, it remains to be seen if a revival of Verdansk is also on the agenda. At the moment, it seems there are no such plans in the works.