Teamfight Tactics Lead Developer Shares Secret to Reviving 4-Star Heimerdinger

The latest update of Teamfight Tactics sees the lead designer, Mortdog, revealing the secret to revive the 4-star Heimerdinger version from Set 9. He discusses the conditions needed to achieve this and design changes in Set 9.Teamfight Tactics Update Details

Teamfight Tactics: Mid-Set Update For Runeterra Reforged

Teamfight Tactics, a renowned auto chess title by Riot, has recently received its mid-set update for Runeterra Reforged. This update for Set 9 introduces several modifications including the introduction of new units and traits while eliminating some old ones. The 9.5 mid-set saw the removal of the traits Yordle, Shadow Isle, and Deadeyes, thus making room for fresh ones - Vanquisher and Bilgewater.

The Fall of Yordle Trait

In Set 9, Yordle was one of the lesser exploited traits. It mainly focused on re-rolling the lower-cost units to enhance their power. Enabling a player to three-star three of their units would transform their strongest Yordle into a 4-star unit, thus augmenting their power and providing a bonus to their ability. However, this trait was barely used after the start of set and with the advent of Set 9.5, the ability to create a 4-star unit has been fully removed from the game.

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The Rise of 4-Star Heimerdinger

Players, though, were still intrigued by the possibility of getting the elusive 4-star Heimerdinger in Set 9.5. Despite the removal of trait, they can still attain a 4-star Heimerdinger who is a 5-cost unit and has his very own turret that fights alongside him. 4-star Heimerdinger has the ability to unleash a surfeit of electric grenades, technically deleting the entire enemy board at the beginning of the round, thereby making it an instant first.

Teamfight Tactics Lead Developer Shares Secret to Reviving 4-Star Heimerdinger ImageAlt

Several theories were put forth by players wanting to achieve the elusive 4-star Heimerdinger in Set 9.5. Some speculated that having three 3-starred units might trigger the condition, but no concrete answer was provided.

However, Mortdog, the lead designer of Teamfight Tactics, clarified the conditions required for a 4-star Heimerdinger. According to him, players would need to 3-star both Poppy and Heimerdinger. This means that players will have to actively search for both units if they wish to bring back the 4-star inventor.

Although accomplishing a 4-star Heimerdinger is a tough task given that Poppy is a 1 cost unit and Heimerdinger is a 5 cost unit. Those who manage to do it will be rewarded with an extremely rare easter egg that will most definitely be applauded by the rest of the lobby.