League of Legends Prodigy Set to Join LCS Team in 2024

Rising League of Legends talent, Rayan ‘Sniper’ Shoura, is reportedly making his move to start for a major LCS team in 2024.

Upcoming Player Change in North American League of Legends

One of the rising stars in the realm of North American League of Legends, Rayan ‘Sniper’ Shoura, is reportedly heading to the LCS in 2024 to take the starting role for a major team. This news comes from a recent report by Blix.gg’s Alejandro Gomis, which proposes that 100 Thieves will be promoting Sniper from his current position as the team's top performer in the Challenger league to a starting role in their LCS team.

The Prodigal Player

Should this move materialize, the prodigal 16-year-old will be filling the shoes of Korean veteran, Kim ‘Ssumday’ Chan-ho, who rejoined 100 Thieves in May after a five-month stint with Evil Geniuses.

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Sniper, the record holder for the youngest player ever to reach rank 1 in Challenger, is hailed as a prodigy in the North American scene. Funnily, at age 14, he almost got signed by Cloud9 in 2020, but his contract got terminated mere hours later due to not fulfilling Riot’s minimum age requirement.

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Sniper’s Journey to 100 Thieves

Upon turning 17 in November, the promising Sniper is reportedly set to start for 100 Thieves in 2024. He initially joined 100 Thieves in November 2021, right after turning 15. He debuted in the organization’s amateur team, 100 Thieves Next, where he demonstrated exceptional performance and earned a spot in their Challenger squad which finished 5th-6th in the 2023 Spring Split.

Future of 100 Thieves

As of now, 100 Thieves has not explicitly revealed its plans for 2024. However, speculations suggest a restructuring effort, possibly brought on by a subpar performance that failed to meet the expectations associated with the reunion of renowned players Søren ‘Bjergsen’ Bjerg and Yiliang ‘Doublelift’ Peng.

The future of Doublelift with 100 Thieves remains uncertain despite his expressed desire to participate in the LCS next year. In the meantime, avid supporters and League of Legends enthusiasts are invited to stay updated on the latest developments and buzz in the LCS and LEC with off-season rostermania tracker.