Significant Changes in League of Legends New Season

A detailed look at the modifications in the new season of League of Legends, with a particular focus on the removal of the Stopwatch item.

The most recent season of the popular game League of Legends introduced a plethora of changes. Notably, many reactions have been mixed. However, the removal of one item was particularly welcomed: the Stopwatch. Across the player community, losing this controversial tool has generally been viewed positively.

Significant adjustments have been made to the game's items, with mages impacted to a great extent. The variety of fresh items to explore offsets the loss of the Stopwatch, an item that has held substantial controversy since its introduction.

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The Stopwatch made its debut as part of the 2017 preseason of League of Legends. It allowed players to access the potent Zhonya’s Hourglass active at a reduced price. Despite its lack of additional statistics and it being a one-time-use item, its economical price and efficient build path quickly made it a standard choice.

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Another factor that influenced the prevalent use of the Stopwatch was the availability of a free version of the item. Players could procure this via the Inspiration rune tree, which would contribute to their final item's cost, making it a tempting pick for many.

The implications of the Stopwatch were most profoundly experienced in the professional gaming scene. Here, the Stopwatch emerged as a powerful deterrent to aggressive plays. The potential risks associated with confrontations could be considerably mediated by the availability of this defensive tool, deterring professional players from making bold initiatives like tower dives.

The removal of stopwatch alters the dynamic of play both in game and in professional esports scenarios. The game as a whole and the professional scene have been deemed healthier. Additionally, both are now considered more exciting to watch and participate in.

A common sentiment among the player base is best summarised by one player's comment: “I’m so glad the stopwatch isn’t part of the game anymore. The lack of 1 button skill-less “outplays” has greatly improved the viewing experience of the LEC games.”

This perspective was echoed by several other players. As one player expressed, “Nothing was more frustrating than watching a team look for a comeback play, only to be stalled by the enemy team having 5 stopwatches.”

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The game does offer an early version of Zhonya’s, accessible to players who purchase the new Seeker's Armguard. However, its cost is substantially higher, and its build path is less flexible. For example, ADCs no longer have the option to invest in a Guardian Angel by holding back.

In conclusion, the slate of changes rolled out in the new season of League of Legends holds numerous implications for its dynamics. The parting from Stopwatch particularly impacts strategic decision-making within the game. Nevertheless, the initial response to this shift indicates that the game is more balanced and engaging to both watchers and players alike.